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Five Reasons for Optimism in 2021

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/06/five-reasons-optimism-2021

Wish you had something here Jeff, but my fears outweigh your hope:
Authentic journalism remains in the choke hold of the corporate state as
long as Assange is left in a legal lynching.
Trump hates Assange because Julian wouldn’t tell him who leaked the DNC emails; Biden hates him because as a loyal sycophant to the national security corporate state, Assange is a “high tech terrorist.” And every ruling elite, sociopathic military loving murderer hates him for his intrepid loyalty to truth in journalism. Pardons or dropping the case against him would come only if the power elite (CIA), felt letting him go would lessen any revelations to their criminality and corruption. Not much hope here.


“The first reason for optimism was the success of many countries in suppressing COVID-19.”
What is exactly new here? These countries were already successful in administering their nations. Their handling of Covid just demonstrated what was already there.

"The second reason for optimism is the arrival of new vaccines…
Again, it was to be expected with the billions that went to Pharma…what is not reason for optimism is the proprietary and for profit nature of them.

“The third reason for optimism is that Trump was decisively defeated…”
Beg to differ. Trump was not decisively defeated, 1/3 of the electorate enthusiastically voted for him, and another 1/3 did not bother to vote for the other. Trump expanded his base by 11 million, and won more votes than Obama. How is this a decisive defeat?

“The fourth reason for optimism is the United Nations’ strong performance…”
Don’t tell anyone, but the word on the street has always been that the US does what it wants with the UN…and as far as the vaccine goes…there is no proof yet that the WHO has secured an open source one for the world…and I mean the other 95% of it outside of the US.

“The fifth reason for optimism is the digital revolution..”
What exactly was new about it in 2020, other than the expansion of spying and controlling of populations and including children…what is to be optimistic about a few techno feudals who hold concentrated power over the world???

What an airy article in my view. So, to make an argument about ethical morals in governing societies, we mention the Greeks and an obsolete religious hierarch (sorry Voltaire), but skip talking altogether about political philosophers, including secular humanitarian socialists or marxists. It makes sense. No matter what, capitalism should remain intact, and those Assanges who challenge it’s political repression, go unmentioned in our Candide like lists of reasons to be optimistic.


Best we can hope is the raising of conciousness to change conciousness.

We have to go through the birthing event of humanity to come out the other side .

We are going through the storm before the calm.Its necessary for this to take place .Everything is going to be in upheaval and will be overhauled.
It’s the only way we learn.

The election hung on 43,000 votes, about 0.03% of all who voted. The American Prospect had an article by Paul Waldman: “And despite the irrefutable outcome of the election, we shouldn’t forget how close we came to disaster. Biden’s combined margin of victory in Arizona, Wisconsin, and Georgia was less than 43,000 votes, and if Trump had won those states, the Electoral College tally would have been 269-269, throwing the decision to the House of Representatives. With each state delegation given just one vote, Trump would have gotten a second term.” The United Way charity report call ALICE, “Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed,” estimates that 50% of US households live with economic hardship and insecurity. Columbia University center of poverty studies estimates actual SPM poverty around 20%, I estimate it higher at about 24%. There is not a realization among the new Biden administration that perhaps half of the US is on the ropes economically. The rebellion should be focused on corporate greed, low wages, political denial to preserve the moneyed elite. We actually need a wealth tax. RAND Corporation report Income Trends between 1973 and 2018 said that the average wage income for full-time year-round workers should be $92,000 per year, but it’s only $50,000, having grown from $43,000 in 1973. The BLS shows that “average weekly earnings for production and nonsupervisory workers” was higher 55 years ago, in 1965 higher than in Feb. 2020 – see here: bls (dot)gov /timeseries/CES0500000031-- The nation is in denial about the inequality that is ransacking society. That’s the source of the rioters’ anger. My optimism will improve when the actual target is clearly identified.

Nice post, but I would say there probably is this realization by both the Biden and Trump admins. But on the list of things they care about, it doesn’t rank all that high. It’s quite disturbing.