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Five Reasons to Care About Verizon Contract Negotiations


Five Reasons to Care About Verizon Contract Negotiations

Mackenzie Baris

On Monday, unions of working people at Verizon announced that they will strike on Wednesday morning if their bosses fail to come to the table to negotiate a mutually beneficial agreement.


Buh, buh, but are their commercials any good?


This really is a no brainier folk's. Get hard-wired. Dump that tracking/monitoring/spy machine in the trash or are you still caught in the head-lights by bright sparkly thingy's?


Watch your data usage rip-off and increase usage toward the end of a billing period! There seems to be a definite manipulation!


Isn't Verizon run by folks who Obama would call "savvy businessmen" ?


I have begun to appreciate the perspective of Nick Hannauer - this talk apparently caused a ruckus at TED when the presentation was first made back in 2012. "Rich people don't create jobs". The truth is much healthier and much more interesting.


I fired Verizon for Christmas and am $100 richer every month!:hugging:


There are so many reasons to not do business with Verizon--right there with Dow, Union Carbide, Phillip Morris, Monsanto and the like, though the product may not be so damaging until the day the drone strike comes.