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Five Reasons We Can't Wait for Universal Preschool


Five Reasons We Can't Wait for Universal Preschool

Lindsay Koshgarian

A brief personal story: all at once, I changed jobs and our part-time babysitter moved on after three terrific years: the scramble was on for loving, enriching child care at a price that didn’t break our family’s budget.

Maybe you’ve been there. Maybe it was 30 years ago, or maybe just last year.

Maybe you’re not a parent at all. You don’t have to be – turns out preschool is good for everybody. Here are five reasons we need universal preschool right now:


There would be abundant money to fund this worthy pursuit were it not being drained into the swamp of militarism, corporate subsidies, and general graft.

The recent de-funding of many Head Start Centers was nothing short of criminal; but of course, too many inside our government (itself fast become a subsidiary of corporate hegemonic control) would prefer to see kids deprived of all decent options so that they reliably turn into "criminals" that are fed to the burgeoning criminal-"justice" system replete with 2.2 million prison beds awaiting a steady stream of warm bodies.


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