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Five Reasons Why an Iran Nuclear Deal Would Be Good for the US


Five Reasons Why an Iran Nuclear Deal Would Be Good for the US

Trita Parsi

The criticism of the pending nuclear deal between Iran and world powers is intensifying.

Opponents of the deal will spend millions of dollars on ads pushing the U.S. public and Congress to kill the deal in the next few days. But while a fortune already has been spent on nit-picking the ongoing talks, virtually nothing has been invested in developing an alternative, viable solution to limit Iran's nuclear activities.


Although I’m not nearly as knowledgeable as Parsi on the Iranian “deal”, no war with the country would: lessen the powerful MIC, reduce death and pollution on an already overly burdened Eaarth,
and save $ trillions of taxpayer cash in both countries. Leadership can not go down the wrong path this often and remain. Ideology doesn’t trump intelligence, survival.


I have yet to meet an Iranian I did not like. Why is our “government” so scared. Oh, yeah…


Opposition to an Iran nuclear deal along the lines being negotiated is not about preventing Iran getting a nuclear weapon. You have to look elsewhere for that.


We need to unleash the vibrant young Americans! We need to get rid of all of our nuclear weapons. With the United States constantly attacking nations all over the Middle East, it makes PERFECT SENSE for the Iranians to build nuclear weapons — but they are not! They think having such weapons of mass destruction offends God – and Iran has a moral code. (more than you can say about the US. With our government , only money has any value.)

We need to mind our own business and get all of our troops, weapons and drones out of the Middle East. We need to end the CIA funding and the American army training the endless list of terrorist groups. How many nations have we bombed back to the stone age?

We started all these wars to steal the oil, when if we had an intelligent government we would stop burning fossil fuels and move to using renewable sources of energy. But the oil companies and the corporations run this sorry nation. And the good times are just beginning for these immortal “persons”.

When TPP is passed the United State will no longer be a sovereign nation. The corporately appointed Tribunal will be the supreme law in our land. The profits of these corporations will be the highest value in our nation. We pass a law or regulation to protect our children, or our food supply, or our environment, or our workers safety-- the Tribunal can nix it. Profits out rank any other consideration.


What will be the scenario if the deal does not go through!

  1. Will Iran sign off from npt?
  2. Will iran resume their robust nuclear program
  3. Will Israel bomb key iranian nuclear sites
  4. Will the fatwa be repealed in case iran is attacked
  5. What does the US really gain from attacking iran.

Answer to all these is that a nuclear deal is the best option.