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Five Reasons Why the TTIP Talks Are Looking a Bit Wobbly


Five Reasons Why the TTIP Talks Are Looking a Bit Wobbly

Guy Taylor

The twelfth round of negotiations for TTIP, the biggest trade deal of them all, starts today in Brussels. The impacts of TTIP are disturbing and well documented elsewhere on this site, but we are seeing signs of panic setting in on the pro-TTIP side of the fence. They’re right to panic.


Novus ordo seclorum, caveat emptor, folks.


Given the spectrum of blanket clamp-downs and the front loader being driven by the GMO, agribusiness interests to get its claws around human rights, societal integrity, biological diversity and above all LAND, it would seem that TTIP is nothing other than an abstract construct (corporation) implanted in enough minds that it believes that it can lay claim to being the new 'god'. Part of that claim is the right to kill, impoverish, and strip human beings, the land, air and water of all interrelated and relational necessity that regenerates life, abundance, creativity and genius.

There is plenty for the needs of all of life to share having evolved over millennia on this planet. The satanic premise of the self-proclaimed deity of corporation is 'not if your lifeblood is what it wants to make its profits'.


If you think Hillary is against ANY corporate power grab you are sadly mistaken! Sanders has always been on the side of humans..demand that she release ALL paid speaking transcripts to Corporate groups! Lies, secrets, cheating is the Clinton M O.:tea:wake up hillbots!


Basic economies range from the smallest 'local' economies to collectives of local economies that form 'regional' economies, then regional economies managed within 'State' economies managed within 'national' economies and finally the largest 'global' economy.

The global economy benefits local and regional industries which produce the greatest quanty of goods via mass production and distribute the longest distances around the world. In short, a dominant global economy makes lesser economies subservient, though they are fundamentally more important. The more we become dependent upon the global economy, the more vulnerable everyone becomes to any disruption of this basic supply chain. Every nation should be able to produce all its food, clothing, housing, water supply, sanitation and energy while minimizing the transport of luxury commodities.


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The three greatest threats to our times are:

  1. Climate change/global warming
  2. Spreading wars and warfare
  3. TIPP and TPP

To a very large extent, the passage of #3 guarantees more in the way of #1 and #2.


Hillary announced disfavor of TTP only after Bernie forced her hand. Without providing details, Hillary qualified her disfavor by saying that "TPP is no longer a gold standard trade deal", thereby giving her cover to make an inconsequential tweak that miraculously pushes TPP over the gold standard threshold on January 21, 2017.


Going into the campaign Hillary has more baggage than all the other candidates combined, so "if she wins the nomination" trade deals will be one of many pieces of baggage that Trump will wrap around her neck during the campaign.