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Five Takeaways from the Spanish Election


Five Takeaways from the Spanish Election

Oscar Reyes
  1. The vote was a stalemate, but the political landscape has changed.

Spain voted on June 26 with polls suggesting that the populist progressive Podemos party would overtake the traditional Socialist Party, PSOE, as the main left-wing opposition to the center-right Popular Party, or PP. Some thought the electoral math might even favor a progressive government headed by Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias.

That didn’t happen.



Italy now on the verge of Financial collpase and the Government may have to bail out the banking system to prevent major banks from going under. It estimated that this could cost 270 billion dollars , apparently a number the Italian Government feels it can come up with to bail out bankers even as they preach austerity to the working class .

Political parties opposed to austerity and wanting to see Italy remove itself from the EU are growing in popularity. Italy has seen virtually no growth since joining the Euro and the people are all suffering from lack of work and high personal debt. In October of this year there a referendum with various proposals made by the current Prime Minister. If that fails , and there every sign it will there will be an election in Italy as well.


What is this nonsense I keep reading in CD about "insurgent" progessives?. It's no insurgency to stand as a candidate for a legitimate election and it is not insurgent to have a different opinion about issues. How the USA distorts language! Clinton "triangulates". Triangulation is actually a technique used by surveyors to locate an accurate postion. "Existential threat"; a threat either exists or it doesn't and it has nothing to do with existentialism. One could write "perceived threat".

USAian writers trying to clever and inventive as to show off their "smarts". One doesn't need that. Hunter S Thompson was bad enough.

And credit cards now have "expiration dates". Sorry USA; credit cards still can't breath and even we though are moving to robotic artificial intelligence I doubt that credit cards will be given artificail lungs.


Oh? Why 'have to'? How about letting the banks fail, seize the personal assets of the bank's executives and biggest shareholders to fill the money hole ...
... and then ....?


I read through the last two paragraphs of what Podemos was promising the Spanish Electorate.
How are they going to fulfill those promises?