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Five Taxpayer-supported Corporations that Paid Their CEOs More than Uncle Sam


Five Taxpayer-supported Corporations that Paid Their CEOs More than Uncle Sam

Scott Klinger

As Americans put the finishing touches on their taxes, it’s a good time to look at the taxes highly profitable U.S. corporations don’t pay.

Even though corporations are still in the process of reporting their 2015 CEO compensation, filings to date reveal that more than 60 Fortune 500 corporations paid their CEOs more than they paid in federal corporate income taxes.

"These companies reflect the rampant practice among large U.S. corporations of avoiding taxes, leaving ordinary American families to pick up the tab."


Damn, I wish I had majored in Corporate Executive Officer.


Can't say I'm surprised to read about this kind of BS anymore, but it helps to hear the details from time to time. It can't ever hurt to know exactly what we're up against.

Kudos to Mr. Klinger for expressing the salaries of the five listed parasitic mongrels without using the term "earn." What they earned is widespread contempt, and, in a more just world, a more serious comeuppance.


I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt: I suspect you would have a hard time being that slimy. :smile:


:musical_note:You must remember sarc, a snark is just a snark...:musical_note:


" Last year, U.S corporations paid $344 billion in federal corporate income taxes"
" By contrast, U.S. individual taxpayers and their families paid $1.54 billion in income taxes in 2015—four and a half times more than profitable corporations paid to support the common good."
This makes no sense to me - it looks like corporations actually paid close to 300 times what individuals did. Is there a typo here? I'm perfectly willing to believe corporations massively underpay, but it appears that Mr. Klinger's evidence is poorly presented and unclear, which undercuts his argument. I'd love some clarification and/or references.


Sorry, I meant 194 times.


Correct it makes no sense. These are the sources of all US tax revenues in sum total.


46 percent comes from Individual income taxes and 10 percent from Corporate taxes. Total tax revenues are around 3 trillion meaning individual taxes around 1.4 trillion and corporate taxes a little over 300 billion.

I think his 1.5 billion should have read 1.5 trillion.

Keep in mind the income taxes paid by the individuals is exclusive of social security taxes which is another 33 percent of total (another trillion)


Things like this put Obama in a bad light and he deserves it for selling us out...Obama key democrats and the GOP have collaberated to sell us all out....He is not going to be remembered as a great president only as the first black president and he is only half black.....The white half sold us out.


Oh really, so the black half is good and the white half is bad eh? Sheesh! Get real!