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Five Things People Should Stop Saying about Bernie Sanders


Five Things People Should Stop Saying about Bernie Sanders

Trevor Timm

It seems to be open season on Bernie Sanders in the Democratic party now that his chances of winning the nomination are dwindling. But the criticism of him is misguided and hypocritical, and he is doing the right thing by largely ignoring it.

Here’s a breakdown of what the party’s establishment is saying and why it makes little sense.

1. Bernie should stop criticizing Clinton!


6. Bernie is a socialist.

To avoid confusion, I'm amending my statement:
Sanders is not a socialist. He is a an FDR democrat running mostly on FDR's second bill of rights. The socialist tag is meant to destroy his credibility.


I question whether "the behavior of a few Sanders supporters crossed the line" at the
Vegas convention.

The "behavior" that was blown way out of proportion, was needed to push back on what was clearly the first step in upcoming wholesale stripping of delegates from Sanders. If you don't nip such actions in the bud, your behavior WILL need to "cross the line" to arrest it when it gets out of control next week or next month..

Sanders' response deploring violence but not condemning his supporters' actions that day was spot on.


The establishment is afraid of only one thing now and that is that people will demonstrate and protest what has been a very rigged nomination process. They know how much they have been cheating and rigging the game and even they are shocked at how far they had to go to keep Hillary from going under in the face of Bernie's popular support. Now they only want to make it look like Hillary has won fair and square but isn't that the way it works with a con game?

What the establishment wants is to pretend that they didn't rig the game so then any protests about them cheating would be misdirected. That is the question...will the American voters allow them to steal an election from the will of the people?

They want to see if they can get away with having rigged the election without it causing demonstrations and protests.


One good thing about Bernie, is Bernie has exposed for many people other than most progressive's, just how rigged and corrupt the democratic party establishment is and has been! Bernie is the best thing that has happened in my lifetime to waking up the majority of well meaning albeit sophomoric people about how the POTUS are not elected...but selected and no matter what happens, that has been a great positive.

When I tried that same narrative back in 2008 about Obama I was excoriated by so many well meaning and good people. But many of those same people are now agreeing with me and that is refreshing...to say the least!


I signed up just to respond to this article. How are people who refuse to support Clinton in November "awful supporters"? That plays to the absurd argument that we should tow the party line or risk being treasonous. I care more about the USA than the Democratic Party.


I thought that the "Five Things People Should Stop Saying about Bernie Sanders" was going to include things like:

  1. Bernie has opposed all US aggression and will dismantle the MIC.

  2. Bernie is socialist.

  3. Bernie will end all US aid to Israel, demand the dismantling of the settlements, and officially recognize Palestine within the 1967 borders.

  4. etc.


If you care more about the USA than the Democratic Party, then you would see that a hard-right Republican president along with a extremist Republican congress is much worse for the USA and the world than a presidency that would likely be a continuation of the Obama administration. Sure, this would not at all a good situation - but nothing close to the current day fanatical Republican party leading things without any restraint. And, as a politician rather than a powerful, totally unaccountable billionaire, the Democrat president would at least amenable to changing in response to dissent from the left - if we get off our asses - which we wasted eight years under Obama NOT doing. All getting off our asses will do under a Trump presidency is getting shot or rounded up tortured and sent to prison.

Does this constitute "voting for a lesser evil"? Sure it does. So What??? If the sole choice is evil or lesser evil that what other logical choice should you make? I suspect everyone here probably made a number of "lesser evil" and even a number of "more evil' choices in their personal lives before lunch! For example, choosing to drive a car rather than go through a bit more inconvenience of using public transit or at least a low-impact motor scooter or the like.


Very well said, I stopped reading this piece with "now that his chances of winning the nomination are dwindling."


Hillary is responsible for far many more deaths than Trump. She even delights in her killing. She is the worse of two evils. I'll not be voting for the lesser or the greater.


Yes, just more propaganda. One other thing Tim doesn't realize is that a large portion of those currently supporting Sanders are not registered democrats and never have been. They have no loyalty to the party and have never had any intention of voting for the oligarchy that Hillary represents.

If Sanders is not nominated he can beg and bend over backwards pleading for these voters to come to the party and vote the lesser of two evils but it will all be in vain. This isn't 2008 when the difference between the two candidates was negligible. This is 2016 and there are vast differences between the two candidates. This year, voters actually have a choice.

These independents will not be coming into a party that has maligned, marginalized, and mocked them for the last 9 months. Too most of them, Trump, as frightening as he is, is less frightening than Hillary.


I don't understand this line of thinking. Did you not see what happened in Nevada and elsewhere as the DNC under Hillary's direction, went full throttle to ignore/diss/take out Sanders? Hillary's actions speak louder than her words. She is a neocon/lib through and through.

Trump is unknown, although much of what is seen is certainly unlikeable and pretty scary. But, his opposition to free trade deals and interventionism makes him less evil than the kinder, gentler Clinton imo. The added prospect of his presidency destroying the two party duopoly is nothing to be taken lightly.

And remember, beyond the death and destruction, there is no thing that has a greater carbon footprint than war.


Five reasons why I am re-ripping up your party invitation (and I don't mean political parties either) ! The fifth reason being you can't count!


Even worse is the prospect that the Repubs will rally behind Trump and use his base as a wedge to force through various proto fascist ultra right positions ( like global warming is a hoax) and anti gay and anti abortion legislation etc. Trump makes promises and people believe him? Why do they believe him? Do they believe a multi billionaire will be on the side of the little guy? Yes they do! Why do they? I have no idea. Apparently they don't think Trump would lie. Lol.


Yes, but lesser evilism will be stopped stop in the streets,never through corrupt electoral politics. Electoral politics is good for is damage control only - giving us a better chance of effecting action in the streets. It is called "strategy" - a word the US left seems to be clueless about.


You seem to be forgetting that Trump himself believes that global warming is a hoax.


Well, I still believe that Obama's position could have been altered under strong pressure from the streets but that pressure never materialized. Hillary is similar. Trump is not a politician, and he has never had any experience at compromise or consensus building - remember that the Trump Organization is not even a publicly-held corporation - the entire multi-multi-billions of RE and financial assets are held by Trump, period. On my job as a federal regulator I have to had to deal with similarly tightly-held private enterprises - Coal Barron-thug Bill Murray and coal Barron-thug Chris Cline. These are not pleasant poeple who I would NEVER want near the levers of government power.


What are you talking about? I was speaking of Trump's positions. The Repubs would embrace his proto fascism and become even worse then they are in effect. My point being that they would become emboldened to become even more extreme using him as the 'leader' along with the old Everyman Construction Worker Tea Party type xenophobic crap etc.


Yes, Bernie is a socialist.....he believes in working for people instead of owing his soul to the corporations! He believes in fair elections, fair wages for people who work a 40 hour week, a system that gives everyone a chance to succeed, unions that help people work in safe environments and some benefits that benefit the worker's families, an environment that is healthy and not trying to destroy our planet, Wall Street regulations so that the Banksters don't gamble with people's savings and retirement accounts only to lose their money, and economy where the corporations are not taking your tax money for themselves, preserving Medicare system but including everyone so that no one goes broke and their houses don't go into foreclosure due to paying medical bills, preserving Social Security so that everyone can live with a little dignity in their older years, stopping our rigged political system where the wealthy and corporations are buying our politicians so that YOU have no voice with politicians AND, finally, some relief for college students so they don't have a HUGE debt when they graduate!
So, if you object to a socialist as president, then when you run into serious medical problems, and you will, just reject a medicare system for all and go broke trying to pay your bills!! Oh, and reject Social Security to help you get by in your later years after you've paid all those medical bills! I would much rather have a socialist as my president than a president who only makes sure the corporations get everything on their wish lists!!!!!


I'm supporting Berne; I caucused for Bernie and am not opposed to socialism, but Sanders is not a socialist. He is a an FDR democrat running mostly on FDR's second bill of rights, and that's OK by me and many others. The socialist tag is meant to destroy his credibility.