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Five Things to Know About the Scott Walker John Doe Ruling


Five Things to Know About the Scott Walker John Doe Ruling

Brendan Fischer

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has single-handedly rewritten the state’s limits on money in politics, rendering the state’s disclosure laws and contribution limits meaningless, and opening the door to unlimited funds directly from corporations and foreign firms.


It’s all a continuation of “Citizens United.” The U.S. Supreme Court Justices gutted Democracy and walking sacks of moral excrement like the transparently self-serving Scott Walker took the ruling and his money suppliers (mostly, the Koch Brothers) ran with it.

To these individuals, the ONLY liberty is the freedom to make money. They are inured to the costs to working families in terms of decimated salaries. They could care less about pollution’s impact on the health of those living downwind; and they have hearts of stone.

It’s an entire ilk of Ebenezer Scrooges enamored with the Midas Touch.

This is the same Supreme Court that turned a blind eye to torture.

It’s the same Supreme Court that PUT INTO OFFICE “the chimp” to thereby bypass the public’s mandate (Gore had a majority).

It’s the same Supreme Court that has allowed aspects of women’s rights to fair wages and reproductive sovereignty, and Black voting rights to roll backwards.

It’s the same Supreme Court that stands by while Energy Corps. turn our nation into a bleeding 3rd world gaping set of toxic wounds.

Law cannot serve the Greater good or reflect Just Standards when people who worship Big Money blemish the highest court in the land.

Most are so morally repugnant as to belong in prison. If that. And Scott Walker is the type of politician the court’s policies put into place.

Disaster Capitalism–i.e. The Shock Doctrine–leads to disasters, and Scott Walker is but one of them.


From the article:

“Among the biggest spenders on Wisconsin Supreme Court elections have been Wisconsin Club for Growth and Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, which are the same groups that allegedly coordinated with Walker and brought the challenge to these coordination rules. Together, these two groups spent $10 million on “issue ads” helping elect the court’s four-justice conservative majority.”

It’s almost a Newtonian Law! Big Money, required to fund judges’ campaigns ensures that those who put Big Money first will end up making the state’s rulings. How convenient! No wonder the vast majority of judges show such marked prejudice towards Conservative values–that is, allotting to Big Money the right to police/govern/tax itself!


Well, there goes my hope that Walker would never make a ballot because he would be indicted in the investigation.


Yeah, when organized crime controls the judiciary and legislature, you can’t hope for much. Everything they want to do is made legal, and the things that matter to the people are now illegal or simply eliminated as options.


Re Scott Walker: French economist Frederick Bastiat said it well in 1850–“When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living in society, they create for themselves, in the course of time, a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it”. We’re in a whole heap of trouble, folks.