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Five Ways Cybersecurity Will Suffer If Congress Repeals the FCC Privacy Rules

Five Ways Cybersecurity Will Suffer If Congress Repeals the FCC Privacy Rules

Peter Eckersley, Jeremy Gillula

Back in October of 2016, the Federal Communications Commission passed some pretty awesome rules that would bar your Internet provider from invading your privacy. The rules would keep Internet providers like Comcast and Time Warner Cable from doing things like selling your personal information to marketers, inserting undetectable tracking headers into your traffic, or recording your browsing history to build up a behavioral advertising profile on you—unless they got your permission first. The rules were a huge victory for U.S. Internet users who value their privacy.

Everything republicans do just makes it more obvious of how crooked and corrupt they have become…They dont even hide their blatant disregard for constituents right to privacy from cyber criminals…The republicans only worship money and corporate deities…When was the last time republicans have ever voted for any legislation that help working Americans…NONE…that I can remember…all their focus is on making the rich richer and thats it in a nut shell… Ordinary people voting for these assholes just blows my mind…Do they really think the republican party represents them…hahahahah…cough cough!


Given that the average Korporate-owned Representative is even dumber than the average Korporate-owned Senator, it looks to me like we’re going to be in a world of hurt.   Or, as noted a month or so ago,
          Men with Forkéd Tongues
          Lead Us Down a Crooked Path
          Into DEEP Kim-Chee . . .


OK, at his point the only Protections our Government really wants to supply, are those that Protect the Entities that are harming us Citizens, in pursuit of Personal Gain and Power.

You know, the ones who bankroll the Politician’s Campaigns, or threaten their lives.

The “Regulations are Bad” mantra has successfully infected too many American minds, through the Control of virtually all Media, and its messaging.

This is a violation of the 4th amendment.
I called Mark Meadows of the "Freedom " caucus, and explained that to him urging him not to vote for this bad bill.