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Five Ways This Trump Tax Story Stinks


Five Ways This Trump Tax Story Stinks

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

President Donald Trump paid $36.6 million in federal income tax on more than $150 million in income in 2005, according to leaked documents obtained Tuesday night by Pulitzer prize-winning investigative journalist David Cay Johnston.


6 ways the story stinks. At 1:30 am I read the news in the Guardian. At that time Johnston said that his book on Trump that came out in July 2016 was ignored by the press. He said it chronicled Trumps involvement with organized crime and other misdeeds. He could not get any network to take an interest in using the material cause you know Trump was good for ratings. The Guardian even mentioned that his book was available in the Guardian bookstore for around 9 pounds. This morning the story does not contain any criticism of the media or the book offer. I haven't seen anyone mention the allegations in his book . Maybe Rachel could have looked into that while MSNBC was showing the empty podium.


So this guy makes $150 million in just one year? That's the crime my friends, when so many of our fellow Americans are living hand to mouth and can't find a decent job, have no health insurance, and will never retire, if they manage to live that long. A family (person) can live an incredibly comfortable life on $150 million; why are a select few allowed to earn that much in a year? Talk about redistribution of wealth, more likely ill-gotten gains as there's no amount of work worth that much in a year, unless you've cured cancer or global warming. Everybody I know works harder in one year than the silver-spooned T-rump will have worked in his entire lifetime--including those that are unemployed, because they get credit for trying.


However, he continued, the White House "behaved pretty unethically" in its response, which included refusing to comment on Johnston's story and instead disseminating the documents to friendly, conservative outlets—which ultimately hints that Trump wasn't behind the disclosure, he said.


Is that conclusion, that "hint", anti-logic?


He gives boomers a very bad name- that of entitlement.


If you want more info on Johnston's book (The Making of Donald Trump), then visit CSPAN and watch the Q & A that Brian Lamb conducted with Johnston. The contents of his book, the time it took to do the research (and how it was carried out), and the evidence presented therein are covered. here is a link: https://www.c-span.org/video/?414381-1/qa-david-cay-johnston

The information is credible, substantiated and vital to knowing more about the Criminal in Chief occupying the WH...and why the demented diabolical dimwit chose who he did for the Cabinet and members of his advisory inner circle/administration. DJT is no friend of the "common man" by any stretch of the imagination...the quintessential P T Barnum of carny barkers.

Johnston is an expert on taxes, taxation, tax law, and manipulation thereof by corporations and the very wealthy, Trump included.


Now that everyone is hysterical about Trump's taxes , how about another investigation. The Shrub was 'given' an ownership position in a baseball team. The Texas Rangers, whereupon public money was found to build a new stadium. The value of the franchise rose enormously. Shrub sold his interest and cashed out . Sweetheart deal indeed. The crimes of the Bushes far outclass anything the Donald has done or ever will do. "Family of Secrets" by Russ Baker reveals this crime cabal.


Although not mentioned specifically in this article, trump wrote off $100 million in losses (so his total income was over $250 million before adjustments). This was due to his use of a tax shelter (which Congress shut down shortly after) for "repaying nearly $1 billion he borrowed for his failed casino business". "Ten years later, on his 2005 return, Trump was still saving tax dollars thanks to that tax shelter."

Trump Wrote Off $100 Million in Losses in 2005, Leaked Forms Show


Lets suppose that this is true. Now we can see how "Trickle Down Theory" is working. Also, we can compare percentages of whats left over for someone who makes $150 million vs. someone who makes $32,000. And this is another piece of fodder for Trump's cannon. As a side note, Trump said this dude was a nobody...you know, an American citizen = a nobody to OUR President. But the guy is a Pulitzer Prize winner...hmmm. Lets say its false, then Trump should be ask to prove it's false with his 2005 tax return. Let the War of Words begin.


lobo4 you are totally off on this. We really need massive economic inequality, as it helps to destroy democracy, and hey, where would we be without these billionaire cabinet members and their grandiose sociopathic 20 million dollar birthday bashes?


Statute of Republican Imitations has run out, perhaps?:wink:


Trump said this dude was a nobody....as if Trump has ever read a book, especially non-fiction since grade school...even if then. The emperor has absolutely NO intellectual curiosity and very low intellect...cunning, yes; intellect, no.


And how many school lunches and after-school programs could be established for many, many years with that kind of ostentatious, garish, gluttinous expenditure? Schwarzman may contribute to his favorite causes as shown in the article but those contributions do not excuse this kind of self-serving gross display of wealth. And, it will probably be written off as a business expense because he surely conducted some business and courted investors....


Anybody stopping you from starting a business and making $100millon yourself? Just like myself and a majority of others you too are probably incapable of running and building business so we'll have to live by selling our labor. Live with it, make the best of it and stop whining. Br happy somebody actually runs a business that keeps you employed and pays federal taxes. My best bet is, all of us on this thread in our whole lifetime of work we would not pay a total of $38 million in taxes between the lot of us.


Oh, please. This totally misses the point and our current dilemma. We now live in a society where the 1% own way too much of the total wealth of society and are continuing to accumulate it at an astounding rate, to the detriment of the rest of us. No one needs the level of wealth that has been concentrated at the top, especially when so many struggle for a basic standard of living at the bottom and have been denied basic human rights, such as health care. To borrow from Joseph Nye Welch, "Have you no sense of decency, sir?"


As a matter of fact, my husband and I own two businesses and I volunteer 15 hours a week with a non-profit. Everything we own, we got through really hard work and a lot of sacrifice. We're very lucky in that the only debt we carry is our mortgage (that's the sacrifice part). But as hard as we work, we barely reach a six figure income, nevermind a 7 digit one. I suspect that the majority of small business owners in this country are in a similar situation. Of course that could all change if somebody's father bequeaths a couple million to me.


I fail to see the problem with this. Find something you're good at and enjoy doing and stop looking at others. Why should i care how much Trump made in 2005? Or curly boy from Facebook? Or the guy working next to me? I learned that early enough to be able to enjoy life without being eaten by envy every day.

It's true some people are incapable of even the simple tasks. We should help them. That's what welfare and SSD are for.


That's just sick.


Well there you go. That would put you in the top 10% or better. Enjoy and stop killing yourself over what others make. Some people are better at business some are not. There's plenty that got millions from their parents and went bust due to their own incompetence. Living in a society that does not really celebrate losers, we just never hear about them.


Lamonte 7 is a dweeb.