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Five Ways Trump’s “News Conference” Wasn’t a News Conference


Five Ways Trump’s “News Conference” Wasn’t a News Conference

Robert Reich

Tyrants don’t allow open questioning, and they hate the free press. They want total control. That’s why Trump’s so-called “news conference” on December 11 – the first he’s held in six months – wasn’t really a news conference at all.


1. Trump refused to answer questions from reporters who have run stories he doesn’t like, or from news outlets that have criticized him. This is a blatant attempt to control the news media by making them reluctant to run negatives stories about Trump for fear they’ll be frozen out.


Indeed. And once again it became apparent that the longer Trump talks, the more incoherent he becomes, someting only a few commented on. He just jumps, mid-senctence, to another subject, conflating them, confusing them, muddying the waters.

Also, I thought that this is an interesting parallel to Trump:



Reich :

The last True Journalist at a Presidential News Conference was Helen Thomas.

Her Actual Questions, there, caused her to become a frozen out, Persona Non Grata.

In an Email dialogue that I had with her, shortly before she passed, she acknowledged my observation, that even if a Valid Question was asked, and then brushed off, none of her Fellows in the Press, would ever dare a Follow Up to see that it was finally answered.

What has passed for a Presidential Press Conference, for at least a Generation now, lacks one vital element, and that is the participation of an Independent, Truth Seeking Press.


That's all true but this is an order of magnitude worse and probably on track to deteriorate further.


Absolutely agree with Vox's concern about Trump's babbling. It should be getting much more attention. Trump's lack of communication skills and his inability to sustain a discussion longer than a two sentence Twitter response is a truly dangerous thing in such a position of power and influence. It may, of course, be just his style, but it also may be an indication of an inability to think things through to a consistent and logical end and that is a truly frightening thing to ponder in a man who has access to nuclear weapons.

I claim no ability to foretell the future, but I begin to suspect that Trump can't possibly survive as president for the next four years. He hasn't even taken the oath of office and not a day passes without another Trump controversy. Therefore, I think any resistance to Trump also needs to factor in Mike Pence. He may very well be the next POTUS.


Just like Trump there are people on the left engaged in discrediting the press. We hear claims that the press is controlled by a small group of corporate elite, or the journalists are not really journalists. I think Robert Reich is in the truth zone but attacks on democracy are coming from both sides. There are claims from the left that the US is already a fascist state. It is up to individuals to decide who is telling the truth and who is not, particularly ithese days where some people prefer to live in left wing or right echo chambers and be suspicious of anything coming from outside of their preferred echo chamber. Trump clearly has no business being president of the United State if you actually believe in democracy. This faux "news conference" just adds to a mountain of evidence leading to that conclusion.


Trump is clearly in over his head. He is like an average student who got very brave and signed up for one of the more rigorous courses in a college's curriculum. Nothing good is gong to happen. And for the student, the best thing to do is probably withdraw from the course before getting the final grade of F.


Most people do not have the time to be listening to political hacks and lamestreet media 24/7. But yes I do question everything I read but don't have the time to get to the truth nor how could I as there is so much misinformation on the internet. What do you believe? I have several people (progressive) that I trust but then sometimes I question that.
Lamestreet media has everything on tape or digital for how many decades? Journalists could find the truths and distinguish from lies/misinformation and truths. They could do a much better job and if they can't, take away their licenses.


Yes he does babble, and he lies. And lies.
Talk about babbling and lying, how about that Conway woman, also lying and babbling.
Wow, how can any interviewer make sense of that string of sputum?
Yet many conclude and say that they like her. Why do they say that? Her likeability is not the point.
She is lying.

I don't distrust everything in the media. I think there are valid concerns about trustworthiness when we consider who employees many of the media folks. I have the same sort of concerns about scientists who lie for Monsanto (substitute whatever corp you like) to keep their grant dollars flowing. Does everyone do it? No. Does it happen? Yes.


Press conference? What press conference?

From my perspective, it looked a lot like the press conference of some tin pot dictator in a banana republic!


It is like the delinquent of the school was voted as class president. He is going to get that privilege revoked eventually.


The Captured, and Neutered Press can get MORE Captured, and Neutered.

Got it.


Its cynical but one thing I learned is that it can always get worse. That when you think we hit rock bottom, the idiots in charge will just do more efforts to dig further down. Fitting allegory considering the GOP's and DNC's love of fracking.


Please edit the main article to reflect the actual date of the so-called 'news conference'..


Yes, the silver lining in the Trump presidency may be a final destruction of the "meritocracy" (aka if you are so smart, why are you not rich? - and its converse "The Rich are rich because they are smart") myth.


Two of the "prayer leaders" Trump is having at the inauguration preach the "prosperity gospel," which says that if you're rich it's because God has blassed you. These are people who claim to be Christian, though how they derive that particular theology from what Jesus says in the NT is difficult for me to fathom.

NPR talked about them this morning:



And why did anyone expect any different behavior by this flaming orange Satan? All his press conferences have been and will continue to be forums for him to bellow his post-truths (lies) over and over again, extol his virtues and accomplishments (also lies), attack his detractors and critics, target members of the press with nasty diatribes, and make attempts at being extemporaneous that result in blatant, bellicose buffoonery.

Look closely at the photo of FOS pointing his finger and make note of the puffy,squinty eyes...cocaine hangover, perhaps? Not even all that makeup could cover up his ugliness and sallow, unhealthy complexion.


Or total expulsion for cheating! Now that his father is deceased, there is no one to donate millions to a university to buy a degree for T-dump (Wharton, e.g.). Wonder how much DJT gave to the colleges that his nitwit sons and daughters attend(ed)? And his current wife is not too swift, either...but the pay is good.


Just like Trump eh? Kind of a low blow there Lrx, but when it comes to apologizing for anything corporate, you can surely be counted on.

Those on the left who you target by your pathetic spin here, are people like myself, who have witnessed the MSM being taken over by corporate control.

This is demonstrable FACT by the way, as this corporate takeover of the MSM has been well documented primarily by those on the left who actually ARE interested in the truth, unlike you.

You, as a regular here for years have had ample opportunity to make your own analysis in regard to the MSM with the benefit of many articles published by authors who have pointed out again and again, the case that MSM is primarily a mouthpiece for corporate interests.

There were two events that led to this reality of corporate control over the MSM. One, was the end of the Fairness Doctrine, during Reagan's lovely stay at the White House.

The second event, even more significant, was the Telecommunications Act of 1996, that was pushed for and then signed by Bill Clinton, which allowed corporate consolidation of the MSM, including TV, Cable, Radio, Newspapers, etc.

You've got some chutzpah conflating THAT criticism of the press with one that would come from right wing corporate servicing jerk Donald Clucking Trump.

The MSM will absolutely legitimize the Trump in so many ways, BECAUSE when it comes down to it, the MSM and Trump are joined at the hip.

You will continue to refuse to get this, because it is your corporate servicing shtick around here.

What the hell else is new?


Television did an awful job when it came to Trump. I agree. As usual, it was all about ratings. Although MSNBC in the evenings was not that bad. Lawrence O'Donnell in particular really went after Trump. However, MSNBC did show too much of Trump like the others so they should be faulted for that. Forget FOX. CNN had too many Trump supporters on and after awhile I couldn't watch them anymore. But if you consider New York Times, the Washington Post, and Newsweek to be the MSM then they were in no way joined with Trump. They had reporters digging all kind of stuff up that would have disqualified any other person except a demagogue with millions of poorly educated liberal hating followers. In summary TV is rather hopeless although MSNBC was pretty brutal on Trump at times but the newspapers and newsmagaziines (at least Newsweek) were not putting out corporate spin but giving all sorts of reasons why Trump should not be elected. If you actually read what was out there you should have concluded that the press with regard to print functioned quite well. Of course many people don't read good newspapers and newsmagazines. They get their news from conservative talk radio, FOX News, and even Breitbart News. That is just the way it is now and I think that partly explains how someone like Trump could remain a viable candidate without any obvious qualifications for the position in addition to being a fascist, racist, etc.