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Five Ways William Barr Is Helping Trump Turn US into a Dictatorship

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/02/26/five-ways-william-barr-helping-trump-turn-us-dictatorship

  1. And he certainly is doing a great job of distracting Robert Reich from the travesty of zero justice for Julian Assange whose 2nd day of hearings remains in the realm of crickets. Oh wait … thatś not a matter of silent grand jury deliberation and preparation to send the message that anyone who shows evidence of US war crimes shall be, at minimum, subjected to psychological torture, threats, and so many other blade stropping maneuvers by the Military Industrial purchasers of rights to wanton impoverishment of the nation by sucking our tax dollars into their psychosis and self-replicating delusions of perpetually engineered violence and institutionalized murder: war.

Trump’s Lady Justice in not blindfolded; she wears green-tinted lenses.


The US became a dictatorship the moment rump was elected. Barr is merely empowering that dictatorship. Somewere earlier today, probably in The Guardian, I read that rump said to someone “I need loyalty. I expect loyalty.” How much more of a dictator can a person be?


He’s a tubby Trump toady.

Hi RoyceGW:

OH, I think i’s worse than that----his lady Justice has no doubt had her eyes gouged out by Trump----or maybe he hired Rudy for that… Yeah, Trump doesn’t trust anybody. : (


The road to US dictatorship was paved by the Supreme Court when they enthroned Dick Cheney and his puppet Dubya in 2001 and Congress subsequently enabled what was referred to as the “unitary executive”…increasing the power and authority of the executive branch. Obama continued that trend with Trump and the GOP controlled Congress accelerating executive power more in one year than the Dubya and Obama regimes did in 16 years.


could we make that a tele trump tubby toady?

So how are things in Moscow, comrade?

Enjoy blinding yourself to reality do you? Trying to act like losing your freedoms to a corrupt administration is no big deal?

So why is Barr not facing disbarment? Or is trying to destroy Democracy and wiping your arse with the Constitution not grounds for disbarment?

Barr started helping to turn the presidency into a dictatorship during the Bush administration, by helping Chēney and Addington to rationalize torturing prisoners.
They kept a lot of things secret that they were doing that were in defiance of our Constitution, and international laws. We are just seeing a continuation of that. Whenever they get a chance, they push their authoritarian agenda a little further.
John Yoo, who doesn’t think a president should be impeached, is the author of the torture memos. A group of extreme right Republicans has been working away at their plan for years now.

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We are way beyond fascism having crossed our threshold –

It happened before even the end of WWII – and McCarthyism –

It happened with Our Founders when they did a “bait and switch” from the
Declaration of Independence – ‘ALL ARE EQUAL’ –

to the Constitution which protected SLAVERY and Slave Owners – our own Founders

from there they moved to “The Runaway Slave Act” –

In other words, they GUARANTEED the Civil War which further benefited them by
splitting the nation into two camps of hatred which still echo today.

Your own William Safire writing many years ago in the New York Times called Barr “the Cover-up Chief” when he was doing his criminal obstruction for George Herbert Walker Bush. The difference is back at the end of the Iran Contra Treason there were still some conservatives who had integrity and true patriotism. Now you’re willing to take the country down in wilful ignorance and lawlessness. All you folks care about now is winning at any cost. You are like the ignorant fans at a World Wrestling Federation spectacle except this is our republic you’re fucking with.

No, Bob it’s much, much worse than extra ice cream, if only you would take your damn hypnotic Trump blinders off. Speaking of nonsense, your rant takes the cake.


…and as for winning an election, America’s greatest living intellectual has already weighed in on that a long time ago: to paraphrase Noam Chomsky, the GOP can’t win fair elections anymore so they resort to stealing them with gerrymandering, voter suppression and outright theft. You folks are pushing us into a banana republic.

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William Barr began obstruction of justice earlier than you mentioned, back at the end of the Iran Contra Treason when he was AG for Geo. Herbert Walker Bush. Then conservative writer William Safire called Barr the “Cover-Up Chief” writing in the New York Times. William Safire was a genuine Republican conservative, not like the pseudo-conservative radical partisan hacks masquerading around today.

Congress and the Courts are likely doing their part to assist the “attorney general.”

Wonderfully constructed sentence theo. Must have been a bit of fun churning that one out. And every bit of it true.