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Five Years After Tahrir Square, Egypt's Police State Worse Than Ever



And just as with one certain dictatorship in Central America and an overthow in Ukraine, holdovers from Hillary Clinton's State Department couldn't be happier - and Herr Hairy Kerry is out to lunch.


The US gives about $1.3 billion to the Egyptian military every year. Hosni Mubarak used to keep the Egyptian people oppressed in order to prevent uprisings in the politically sensitive area of the world, and economically sensitive because of its proximity to the Suez Canal. Giving so much money to the Egyptian military maintains the old Mubarak status quo. The Egyptian military has always been very close to the US government and they know that if they don't do the US's dirty work there, then there won't be any more money. This article omits that very important detail. It quotes al-Sisi as saying, "Democratic experiences don't mature overnight, but rather through a continuing and accumulative process." The truth is that democratic experiences don't mature at all when the government is paid to make sure there is no democracy. It is misleading to portray it as a revolution gone bad or a failed attempt at making a more democratic society.


George Galloway on Sisi and Mubarak:-


Remember a while back when the government of the US Fourth Reich banned the sale of armaments to Egypt due to their cruel human rights violations against the Egyptian People?
* The blackmail apparently worked, because the Egyptian government decided to join with Saudi Arabia in pulverizing the poverty stricken nation of Yemen, which had not kowtowed to the Reich and its demands.
* The Reich promptly announced that Egypt's human rights violations were of no importance and released vast quantities of arms to Egypt. This includes huge amounts of gas and other civil oppression equipment, to keep its own people in line.
* I'm sure that, should Egypt or any other nation's people take over their Quisling government and bring actual freedom and democracy to their nation, it will be quickly eliminated. The playbook was written quite a while ago, and as they say, "Practice makes perfect."
* Someday, We the People of the World will awaken, take the reins in our own hands and commit peace, but sadly I don't see it happening in my lifetime.


"Activists say that state repression today is even worse than under Mubarak."

This is the way the plutocrats and power elite send their message:

''stay in your place,
''be happy with the ruthless dictator you have,
''or we'll give you a ruthless dictator you'll wish you didn't have.''