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Five Years Later, US Admits Lies About Deadly Honduran Shooting


Five Years Later, US Admits Lies About Deadly Honduran Shooting

Janine Jackson

A Justice and State Department review reveals that top Drug Enforcement Administration officials lied repeatedly to Justice and to Congress about deadly shootings in Honduras in May 2012—including an incident off the Mosquito Coast in which a boat was fired on, killing four passengers, among them a 14-year-old boy. DEA officials long maintained, and media reported, that those killed were drug dealers who had fired first.


Hillary Clinton was U.S. Secretary of State in 2012.. She was also instrumental in the overthrow of democratically-elected President Manuel Zelaya in 2009. She should be prosecuted for violation of her oath of office, violation of the U.S. Constitution, and violation of international law.

Of course the compromised Trump Administration won't do it. That is why leading Democrats are advising a "go-slow" approach on impeachment. The longer Trump is in office, the longer they will have to cover up their own crimes and to play the blackmail game with the Rethugs. This is what Duopoly looks like.


The US admits lie after lie, after lie, ad nauseam! How many more mendacious, stories and cover ups are left to be revealed, in the future?

Any government that lies this much to its citizens and is never,never held accountable needs to be replaced. In my view, no other country in the world needs regime change as one that murders so many innocent people in foreign countries, like Honduras, and then tries to cover it up with lies.


A terrific piece by Janine Jackson, and great tie in with Clinton's administration.

In fact, and over quite a few years, the federal government is a terrorist state.


There's nothing quite so bi-partisan as collateral damage.

And that War on Drugs that the duopoly is so dedicated to? A failure of epic proportions.

And during campaign 2016, Hillary stood Trump-tough in an interview on CNN:

"Clinton said the main reason minors are coming is to escape violence in their home countries, predominantly Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.

Amanpour asked if that meant they should be able to remain in the United States, since it is safer.

“'Well — it may be safer but that’s not the answer,'” Clinton replied.

Instead, Clinton said the United States should do more to deal with violence in the region, including by providing more border security in southern Mexico."


Yup. 200 Iraqis buried alive in YESTERDAYS' "coalition" bombings around Mosul.(Soucre: Iraq Body Count). The difference with the Rethugs is that they don't even pretend "collateral damage" exists. It's "Kll "em All and Let 'God' Sort 'em Out." The Dems however cry crocodile tears before they mount the next mass murder mission in the "GWOT." In the end, it's the same-same: ALL-KILLING-DESTRUCTION-AND-POLLUTION-OF-THE-BIOSPHERE-ALL-THE-TIME. "So it goes," as the born-again bombadier Kurt Vonnegut says, punctuating our times with something so simple as truth.