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"Fix Is In, Folks. Fix Is In": Though She Admits Not Fully Reading It, Susan Collins Describes FBI Probe as "Very Thorough"


"Fix Is In, Folks. Fix Is In": Though She Admits Not Fully Reading It, Susan Collins Describes FBI Probe as "Very Thorough"

Jon Queally, staff writer

Despite admitting to CNN she still has not read the full report, Sen. Susan Collins—the Republican from Maine who remains a potentially crucial swing vote in the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh—emerged from a briefing on Thursday morning and said a report by the FBI on the allegations against the nominee appeared to her the result of a "very thorough investigation."


I ask you Susan, that if you had been the victim of the alleged rape assault by Brett, instead of Dr. Ford would you still call the FBI investigation “VERY THOROUGH” ?


There is no attempt at truth seeking here. Indeed, the theme song for Collins, and Flake is “Gimme Shelter.”


Just another creepy corporatist. Eco-socialism or (this) barbarism.


In my view, the oligarchs won a long time ago, to be specific: 11/22/63.


The only analogy that I can come up with is the kangaroo court of Judge Roy Bean when he is anecdotally, purported to say: WE WANT TO GIVE YOU A FAIR TRIAL BEFORE WE HANG YOU!


Should Kavanaugh be voted onto the Court, law offices, law schools and lawyer organizations should find a way to publicly ignore or negate the validity of SCOTUS decisions once he is seated.

The very incomplete “FBI Investigation” was aimed at addressing accusations without speaking to the accusers, but far more importantly, it seems NOT to have addressed the LIES made to our government under oath during the hearing, and for years before. THAT alone is disqualifying!

Is anybody ALIVE out there???

How can we ALLOW such a blatant law-wrenching travesty to occur to our nation … and passively accept it … as though it were a “legal” process??

THIS is EASILY as serious as a physical attack by some foreign enemy … but this time the attackers are domestic. Democracy … and Decency … are under seige in America.

WHAT??? We accept the Oligarchs RULES, even when they are obviously COOKED?? Who ARE we??

We SHAME the history of the Nation if we lie down and accept this lifetime distortion to our Legal System!.


Would McConnell have scheduled and insisted on a full senate vote if he thought Collins, Murkowski and Flake were really undecided?


The Faustian Sale


The fix certainly is in – because it’s Trump’s FBI. Would be naïve to think otherwise.

WHAT is this hold that the GOP has over Collins and Murkowski? It’s sickening.

But – now we have to look ahead – who will oppose Collins in the next election –
$5 from every female in America should help remove her.

Where’s the ERA campaign fund?

What we have to face is that we have criminals throughout Congress – especially in the
GOP where they are looking now to rid themselves of any “squishy” members who don’t
want to do all the deeds that corporate-fascists are asking them to do. They need ULTRA
right wingers – and what we’re headed for here in the US is another round with Hitler/Nazis.
See: Dark Money/PBS 10/1/18


How much was Collins paid? Her flawed reputation hopefully will catch up with her and now needs to be removed from office for lying!


“All enemies domestic and foreign.”

RESPONSE: Impeach both Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh as perverts.


You said it! Lay down and accept it! Isn’t that what we do best? That’s what brought us to this point. Doing nothing and no game plan what so ever to stop these rabid animals. Soon, we will be left with nothing as they take what little we have left!

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Senility is a terrible thing, especially when it affects millions and not just the self or family. Alzheimer’s another wasting disease that impairs mental judgment, as does alcoholism…between he hyper-partisan right-wing “conservative” rot infecting our nation we are done…especially since there has been an abandonment of any organized “opposition” party…we are on our own…


And all those who will be marching angrily to the poling place for revenge will be deeply disappointed at the choices offered them on their ballot - thanks to gerrymandering and a Democratic Party that rolls over and play’s dead.

For example:

  1. My US congressional and state house representative are running uncontested (they are fairly decent as Democrats go, but still…)

  2. The right-wing Sen. Bob Casey (D) and the ineffective Gov Wolf (D) (mostly not his fault - extremist right wing Republican General Assembly stopped everything he tried) are likely shoo-ins.

  3. Other important seats are not up this election.

  4. But, at least, I have the opportunity to vote for the Mon. Valley’s own fighting progressive populist John Fetterman for the harmless office of Lieutenant-Governor!

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It is not foreign enemies that should worry U.S. citizens, but domestic enemies should scare the hell out of them!


Read, or reread, Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence. Virtually all of the causes for revolution are still there. The only difference is that the enemies are now domestic. They aren’t in a repressive kingdom far away, they are in Wall Street and in DC in the bought and paid for “government” that does their bidding for lots of “long green.”
*It is time for a replay of 1776, by We the People!


Just a note to everyone here to go to pbs.org to get an idea of the organization
for corporate-fascism that’s in store – “Dark Money” shown on pbs 10/1/18 –

and of course it is also “Christian” fascism which prepares us for American fascism.

American Fascists – The Christian Right and the War On America

When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross. Sinclair Lewis


If he is confirmed, Dems could have an advantage in the midterms and the general election…maybe if they don’t sell out. In that case, they could try to enlarge the SCOTUS to 12 justices to even things out.


Though essentially we are finished with providing information here about Kavanaugh
and his background, I do want to add this info on Kozinski from a recent article and
Kavanaugh clerked for Kozinski.

I had no knowledge of Kozinski, unfortunately – but here’s some of it – and there are
live links at the website which give much more information and details of Kozinski’s behavior.

('ve had difficulty pulling up the website at times – put the link into a search and from
there it has worked for me.)


Judge Alex Kozinski

Kavanaugh repeatedly denied knowing that Judge Alex Kozinski, a mentor for whom Kavanaugh clerked from 1991 to 1992, was a sex predator who harassed women in his office and maintained a private server in his offices for porn. Kozinski is the most important judicial figure, aside from now-retired Justice Anthony Kennedy, in Kavanaugh’s life. Kozinski introduced Kavanaugh when the latter was nominated to the Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit.

It’s impossible to know if Kavanaugh provided misleading testimony when he said the revelations about Kozinski were a total surprise and “a gut punch.” But it seems very unlikely.

Kozinski was first accused of “sadistic” and “abusive” behavior in 1985. When the allegations emerged, the Senate Judiciary Committee reopened hearings into his nomination after it already voted to send his nomination to the full Senate. He was still confirmed to the 9th Circuit.

Reports about his harassment of female clerks and his maintenance of a website hosting porn came out in 2008. Kozinski was also known to send to a listserv wildly inappropriate content that demeaned women. He was admonished in 2009 and stepped down as chief judge of the 9th Circuit in 2014. Yet Kavanaugh appeared with Kozinski at a Federalist Society event in 2015.

Kozinski’s behavior was not unknown. Legal reporters Dahlia Lithwick and Ian Millhiser have written that they knew about Kozinski. Yale Law School students told HuffPost that professors Amy Chua and Jed Rubenfeld, who are married to each other, intimated that they avoided clerking with Kozinski because he was known to sexually harass women. Chua is friends with Kavanaugh, has directed multiple students to clerk with him and endorsed his nomination.

Heidi Bond, one of the women who came forward in 2017 to tell their stories of harassment at Kozinski’s hands, wrote in Slate, “Kozinski’s sexual comments — to both men and women — were legendary.”

“Having clerked in his chambers, I do not know how it would be possible to forget something as pervasive as Kozinski’s famously sexual sense of humor or his gag list, as Kavanaugh has professed to in his hearings,” Bond wrote.

Kavanaugh said in his hearing that he could not remember receiving emails from Kozinski’s email list, known as the “Easy Rider Gag List.”

It’s hard to confirm what Kavanaugh knew about Kozinski. It would be possible to find out if he ever received some of those creepy emails Kozinski sent to his listserv, but Kavanaugh did not offer to search his emails to find out.