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'Flagrantly Unconstitutional': Trump Issues Order to Block Undocumented Immigrants From Being Counted in Census

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/21/flagrantly-unconstitutional-trump-issues-order-block-undocumented-immigrants-being


Was Trump’s Scottish mother a IegaI immigrant or was she here as an iIIegaI?
Considering the horrible Trump man she married, it would be interesting to find out what the Iaw was were Iike way back then. AIthough, usuaIIy Iaws have not been kind to immigrants. I remember reading about people coming to EIIis Island— and those who were sick were not admitted. I always wondered what the family decided—did they return to their homeland, or did they say good by to those family who couldn’t come in with them?

I have been so infuriated and disappointed over the last week or so, felt so betrayed and pissed-on, seen my brothers and sisters savaged by trumps neonazi storm trooper pigs with his promise of more such to come in other cities, I am at the end of my tether.
Here’s something to think about. Given the daily (almost hourly) atrocities and destructive, divisive environmental crimes and so much more by this mental piss-ant scumbag trump, just think what he would do in the next 4 years if somehow he “wins” or steals another term - we are all proper fucked!

So even tho Biden has a record of numerous sellouts and betrayals, is a dim bulb, is corrupt, a neoliberal tool, and likely suffering from dementia, the trump insane alternative is even worse - much worse likely. The DP entrenched elite constantly screw progressives and our issues - like voting against Pentagon cuts - the DP is a disgrace and nest of sellout betrayals - they are worthless as leaders with rare (very) exceptions
The final straw will be Biden’s choice of running mate - a complete sellout fraud like Duckworthless, or a moderately progressive woman, will tell the tale.
We all must take the bull by the balls and work to form a new party, but given the lack of quality in most politicians of note that would be a very hard slog - we have the numbers and issues and just need the gumption and dedication from everyone who sees the critical need.
Won’t get fooled again?

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Definitely against the Constitution (as is trashing freedom of speech and freedom of assembly). Here’s hoping the courts throw this one out on its nose.

This is really stupid. The Census is used to apportion $400 billion in federal spending and by not counting every person, it fails to provide for necessary services.

  • Selection and/or restriction of recipients of funds. Programs use Census Bureau data to define either the characteristics of populations served by the program or the characteristics of governments and organizations eligible to receive funds to provide those services.
  • Award or allocation of funds. Programs use Census Bureau data to determine the funds distributed to eligible recipients and providers.
  • Monitoring and assessment of program performance. Programs use Census Bureau data to ensure programs function as designed, to encourage and award effective administration of programs, and to explore alternative methods of funds distribution.
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