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Flailing Trumpsters Upset a Hijacked Nation


Flailing Trumpsters Upset a Hijacked Nation

Ralph Nader

The Trump Gang, hardly two weeks in the White House, is giving strong, petulant signals that it is hijacking the checks and balances of our democratic institutions. Coupling the Boss’s easily brusiable ego, marinated in infinite megalomania, with ideologues harboring objectives that would have frightened Nixonites and Reaganites alike, a runaway train is leaving the station.


Yes - who goes over the cliff first ?


However - the rule of law has been very fluid, shall we say, since at least the Patriot Act.

Remember the NSA and friends.

Ever hear of drones ?

Now a SEAL operation in Yemen has apparently gone south, big time.

Remind me please - where is the declaration of war against Yemen ?

Against any of the countries we attack routinely ?

That's lawlessness defined, as I see it.

International law, US law - written by very fallible people.

But justice - right and wrong - different.

This isn't rocket science - the US has been a rogue nation since 1963 - and before that - an empire in the making.


In Thomas Hardy's "Far from the Madding Crowd", a rogue Herding Dog gets into a Pen, containing a Shepherd's entire Flock of Sheep, and starts doing what he does, running around, barking and Herding them, for its own sake.

Soon, the Sheep burst through the Pen and start out.

The Dog continues to Herd them, barking and nipping, from behind the Flock, continually prodding them forward.

The Dog, and most of the Flock. can't see that they are headed toward a Cliff.

The Dog continues to prod them forward, not seeing what lies ahead, until they all start oozing over the Cliff, to their deaths.

The Sheep all die, and their Shepherd, who arrives too late to save the Flock, executes the Dog.



If there was any True Justice in the US, it would be Ralph Nader on the Supreme Court.


He could increase his patience, and moderate his temperment, by taking lessons in peace, tranquility and compassion from a rabid rattlesnake.


As bad as things will certainly get, a large terrorist attack in the US would set off a truly horrendous wave of horror. The military responses, likely FDRish internment camps, vastly increased individual and organized attacks against Muslims, losses of press and individual freedoms of speech,... I hope very few Trump supporters in the intelligence community think that would be a good thing.


When the survivors emerge from the rubble of our collapsed empire, they must hold an American version of the Nuremberg Trials and dispense the justice required to rebuild a reason-based nation.

Humanity's worst offenders are coming forth in droves at this time, identifying themselves to the entire world. It should be fairly easy to round them up when the dust settles. They must be punished in the most severe manner.


Best analogy to your meme still preferred by those on the left that for months dismissed arguments pointing out the unique dangers of Trump, is a person witnessing a raging fire at a warehouse, and suddenly a gasoline tanker truck enters inside the burning warehouse into a loading dock.

Other witnesses cry out at the immediate and obvious implications, firefighters scramble to resist sudden escalation of explosive danger, and the original witness cries out....

"the building is has been burning for some time already, what's the difference, why the reaction!!"


Right, take names and keep notes on them.
Denial ain't just a river in Egypt.


Taking out your own President, covering it up, taking out his brother...

You missed the explosion a long time ago.

This is more like payback.


Trump and intelligence do not belong together in any sentence regardless of context...:wink:


Thank you Ralph Nader for your tireless effort to keep our democracy and nation intact. You have devoted your life to advocating for all that is just, civil, and beneficial for all Americans and I am eternally grateful to you. Blessed be!


I haven't missed a damn thing.

My analogy stands.

You will be busy busy busy running cover for Trump.


The Rule of Law has been replaced with Mob Rule.


Don't be surprised. The last Republican President we had may have been responsible for allowing, if not planning, 9-11. Another terrorist attack, would allow the Government to pull funds from those programs deemed unnecessary (mostly programs that serve the most needy instead of those that benefit the most wealthy) and enable them to purchase all the necessities that come with War.


And please let that rabid rattlesnake Bite. The. Hell. out of the orange ape!


Thanx, Ralph for all the tireless work you do for 'average' Americans. I think we have already started going over the cliff with escalations in speed with every govt coup starting in at least 1963 and probably most of the 20th century. It has now though started speeding up starting this century with Supreme Court appointment of Bush II, the 9/11 attacks, the financial meltdown of '07-'08, and now the new pick for the nation's highest court turns out to be an overt fascist. The young folks of this country need a real movement to get it out from the hands of the plutocracy that now runs things. The fight won't be easy but will be worth it. I'm too old and disabled to get out much or I too would do something. Start by writing ALL of your senators to express dissatisfaction with Trump's cabinet picks before it's too late. Good luck!


I truly fear this administration's false flag attack and its ensuing losses of freedoms. I don't think it's a matter of if but when.


I wouldn't be surprised if said false flag happened to be the assassination of Trump himself. I mean even with him gone the GOP will still have all their power, have gotten rid of their scapegoat which might have effect of "releasing valve pressure" and calming the protests, and they will have the perfect excuse to completely turn the U.S. into the much dreamed about police state.


Spot on. We are indeed just one "perceived" terrorist attack from opening Muslim interment camps.


The Bannon cabal is moving fast to do as much damage as possible because they know they are in a race for time against Deep State.

A false flag "terrorist attack" may be imminent.