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Flashback: Democrats’ Arafat Complex


Flashback: Democrats’ Arafat Complex

Pierre Tristam

I’ve been looking at lists of 2020 prospects for Democratic hopefuls to unseat Donald Trump in 2020 and getting flashbacks to pre-internet antiquity when those same Tussaud Museum pieces wagged animatronically from cathode-ray tube TV sets with a relevance as presumed then as it is now: John Kerry, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Michael Bloomberg, and of course Hillary Clinton.


The Republicans should not be underestimated because their campaigns are based on fear and lies and that is a very effective strategy that works at an emotional level. The effectiveness of offering policies to help people is overestimated. If policies mattered that much the Republicans would never win, About their only policy is cutting taxes for the rich or trickle down. The Democrats have plenty to offer besides being against Trump although it is often claimed they don’t but iit might not be enough to overcome fear and lies that will be central to the Republican campaign. It has been pretty much that way since Lee Atwater and it has only gotten worse. And now not only are Republicans involved but they also have Russia trying to defeat Democrats by using phony accounts on social media. That is a lot for policies on health care, education, etc to overcome.


The Democrats do have something to offer, yes, but it depends very much on the Democrat in question. And that is the problem. On any specific issue, you have some Democrats voting with the Republicans, some with the party and then some not voting at all. The key word, here, is the author’s use of the word “coherent”. The Republicans have a much more coherent message - toxic, to be sure - but they vote it, consistently. Democrats do not. When even a large percentage of registered Democrats are confused as to what the party represents and whom, you have a built in Rx for failure.


Okay, I get the age thing, but lumping Sanders in with the likes of Biden is a stretch. I’m no raving Bernie bot, nor do I expect Sanders to have a chance in hell of winning the nomination, but at least give him credit for having the guts to go where the rest of that field fears to tread.


Wow! What a perfect opening sentence for this article. “Tussaud Museum pieces”. So accurate…except possibly Warren, who hasn’t been around nearly as long as the others.

Pierre Tristam, imho, is one of the stellar writers who regularly appear on CD. Again, he rises to the occasion, with a keen intelligence and a sharp wit.


John Kerry, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Michael Bloomberg, and of course Hillary Clinton

That list made me nauseous.



Agree, guess we both better keep a large supply of Dramamine handy for the next 2 years.