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Flashback! Questions from the Last Time America was Supposed to "Take Out" Assad


Flashback! Questions from the Last Time America was Supposed to "Take Out" Assad

Peter Van Buren

History is a funny thing, because we forget it so easily, and so quickly. That forgetting is usually based on the political needs of the moment, and politicians and the media count on us being that way so they can manipulate us. Works nearly every time, too.

One of the latest versions of this is the media meme that the Syrian quagmire is kinda new-ish, and that the most recent American spurt of 59 cruise missiles into that country represents something, maybe an escalation, maybe a change of policy, maybe some domestic political thingie.


Here we go again! Oh so we attacked Assad did we? We attacked Syria militarily...did we? What a crock! When do we get real about what Trump did? I do not support escalation nor more war (Forever War actually or so it seems) but I can't help but reject this bizarre acceptance that with all our satellites, our know how and capability that we could not even take out an airbase with almost 60 cruise missiles! Oh really? By the way, where is the analysis of our warning the target before we fired off the missiles?

Our pundits and the rest of the media keep discussing Trump's action as an attack on Syria or Assad.

It was a false attack. It was technically a military attack because it used military weapons but what this really was is left as a question mark! A distraction most certainly. A con?

Well Trump and the billionaires wouldn't lie to us would they? Oh say it ain't so!



A leaked Hillary Clinton email confirms that the Obama administration, with Hillary at the helm, orchestrated a civil war in Syria to benefit Israel. The leaked email showed no though for the interests of the Nation she was supposed to be serving, the United States of America.




whenever referring to the media, call it "corporate media"


Seriously Mr Van Buren, no mention of PNAC???
and no mention of the seven year drought that caused so many Syrians to be at odds with their do-nothing govt? or no mention of Iraqi refugees pouring in to Syria, putting pressure on an already fragile infrastructure?


No mention of gas pipelines either.