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'Flat Out Corrupt': Protests as Trump Headlines Trump Fundraiser at Trump Hotel


'Flat Out Corrupt': Protests as Trump Headlines Trump Fundraiser at Trump Hotel

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With protesters outside chanting "Shame! Shame!" President Donald Trump held the first fundraiser of his 2020 reelection campaign at his international hotel in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday—an event described as a "new low" by one government ethics expert.

"Anytime he profits from the hotel, as he is doing tonight, he is violating the domestic emoluments clause."
—Norm Eisen, former Obama ethics czar


I'm sure these folks protested the Democrat fund raisers as well.
It's great the see folks standing up for a principle independent of political affiliation!
Although, there may not be "a controlling legal authority" to quote Gore.


Flat Out Corrupt

says it all.


I agree with the other posters and was just wondering if the protestors saw any corruption in Barack's regime?


Is America great again? I guess it is for $ome.


You seem to be confused. There is a huge difference between a fundraiser for a Demo somewhere to assist their campaign and the overt corruption shown by Trump when he routinely violates the Domestic and Foreign sections of the Emoluments Clause of the 25th Amendment. Trump is violating the LAW to make more money! HUGE difference.


Trumpo turned out to be right about one thing - I am SICK of all this "winning"!


a political fundraiser .... wtf is abnormal about this ?


Frankly when I see this all I can say is" I told you so back in the 1980's" With the election of Reagan in 1980 this was all put into gear. I'm not a brilliant prophet, but I was enough of a cynic to see the logical conclusion Reagan's GOP would lead to. This is it.


"This whole thing is disgusting and the American people are going to get fed up with both parties if they don't fix our government and get the corruption out," Painter said.

Sorry to disagree, Mr. Painter, but getting rid of trump won't do much to "get the corruption out," since both parties have already been bought and paid for. All trump is doing is bringing it out into the open and threatening to create enough discontent to cause the American public to start fresh with another party, preferably one that is Progressive.

Go trump!


There is not one aspect of this tragic and criminal event that did not include myriad exchanges of money among way too many hands...within the hotel itself (organization/planning/execution of the event), dispersement of the ill-gotten gains to any number of greedy grasping ghouls, the emperor included. Think of how many "deals" (present and future) were "sealed" throughout the duration of the orgy. Wonder how many of the Saudi "royal" family and former/current FSB operatives were there along with AIPAC members and Koch afficianados...what a toxic mix of inhumanity.


trump doesn't know what shame is or means


"In addition to calling attention to ethics concerns, activists also used the high-profile event to express their anger at Trumpcare, which if passed would take health insurance from 22 million people."

I wonder if a lot of people have considered just how many 22 million actually is... It would be the population of about 27 cities the size of Fort Worth, Texas. Or about 26 cities the size of San Francisco California. Or about 17 cities the size of Dallas Texas. or about two and a half cities the Size of New York. Imagine that...


I hope I'm one of them. I despise being forced to buy the crappy products of corporations whether I want them or not.

Thank Obama, Pelosi, et al., for making that part of our political landscape.
When Trump or some other Republican get a law passed forcing Americans to buy something of his or perhaps a Halliburton product, you'll know who to blame.


The United States has been very good to the Trump family, including his immigrant (yeah) grandfather. But all we have had from Mr. Trump since he ascended to the Oval Office is one middle finger after another. He may be rich (how rich is a matter of contention) but he has no class at all.


Trump is indeed a laughing stock in the world, if it wasn't so serious. Damage to America's reputation will take a long time - years - to recover from the effects of this unhinged individual. Does anyone think he is 'on something'? I know he has said he has never touched drugs, but he has lied about everything else. Why not this? He really needs to go before he causes a real, irreversible, global problem.

The message about his fundraiser says as much about those who would give him $35,000 for entry to his dinner party.


Yes we DID! But we protested Obushma for different reasons, war crimes being the main one for me. Not to mention Mr. Constitutional Scholar's assassination of American citizens without due process, passing fascist laws, like the National Defense Authorization Act, the Military Commissions Act, and re-signing the Patriot Act.
Trump is a walking conflict of interest, not to mention his being a PSYCHOPATH! He has zero concept of the real world. He was born with a silver spoon up his rear and has one of the most warped life views on the planet. He thinks he's the CEO of the planet and that he can fire anyone he chooses! And no matter how abhorrent his behavior gets, his minions defend it!


Obamacare was a giant giveaway to the insurance companies, but it did give some people insurance, who couldn't have qualified for whatever reason. He bailed on single payer, the only thing that makes sense for all Americans. Our insane corporate medical system works to create and perpetuate preventable disease for mass profit. Marketing hideous food-like substances to children so they'll develop profitable diseases is so immoral I don't even know where to start. The market is free to exploit children's health for profit because dollars rule here, not sense. Most people who defend the right to market crap to children are Christian capitalists, the worst oxymoron group on the planet.


Yeah sure, big difference. Wink, wink.


Come on Dopka, Trump a psychopath? One of the most warped views of life on the planet? Oh brother.
While I appreciate your candor on Barack, your worldview just may be a bit out of the mainstream. Trump was elected because the American people, after putting up with eight years of "fundamental transformation" didn't like where we were going.
I personally like the fact that Trump comes from a business background and is not an academic. He's dealt in the real world and not in the world of college theory.
I can appreciate your idealism but you have three and half more years so don't make yourself sick over the Trump presidency.