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'Flat-Out Lying': Critics Reject Biden Effort to Re-Write History on His Support for US Invasion of Iraq

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/03/flat-out-lying-critics-reject-biden-effort-re-write-history-his-support-us-invasion


Hopefully he will be called out at the next debate, if not sooner.


It should be Tulzi doing it.


We have over 12,000 lies from the orange pustule and we definately do not need any others, regardless the reason, from anyone running to defeat the trump regime!

Biden has shown too many signs of confusion and being entirely unprepared and unfit for the hard road ahead - if the DINO DNC entrenched mob foist Biden on the electorate, that would make his running mate, whoever it may be, very important. The DP sabateurs had better take another think and back the Real Deal of Bernie Sanders, not a person, male or female, that is vulnerable and unprepared!

Bottom line is Biden is not the one to take-on the malignant carny liar, known for his stupidity, malicious attacking and fabricating reality, and that MO requires - demands - a strong, well prepared candidate equal to the task of smashing trump & co!

That person is Bernie Sanders by a wide margin over all other challengers!


Recall that much of Obama’s leverage to beat Clinton in the 2008 primary was his going on record in 2003 denouncing the Iraq invasion (even though as an Illinois State Senator at the time he had no vote on the decision).

It was clear to anybody paying attention during 2002-03 that the Iraq invasion was a folly. Any elected who supported the Iraq invasion has been rightfully considered damaged goods by progressives ever since and needs to figure out a career change.


Swapping a certified warmonger like Crazy Joe for a certified lunatic doesn’t seem like much progress. Now that the neo-warmongers have booted Tulsi and Gravel from the rigged debates, only hope is Bernie.


This is not simply a mis-remembrance. Not simply a gaff. This is a blatant whopper of a lie.


He knows his record is unpopular and will harm his run for prez. Frankly I’m a bit surprised that he would do his repair work with an obvious lie.


He must have run out of options.


Tulsi spoke the truth, so they sentenced her to Steven Colbert. Then, she actually had the audacity to ask questions… at a DEBATE! So, they sent her to Jimmy Kimmel. No more debate for YOU!


As he says, he has more foreign affairs experience than any of the other candidate. The problem is in all of his experience, he consistently made the wrong choice.


Joey Hair Plugs is trying to out-Trump Trump.


Corporate murder Inc. Censorship. The CIA directs it. They pull a curtain across the insanity of war and the smoldering dead. They poured Agent Orange on our own troops during Nam to defoliate an entire rain forest. PSYCHOPATHIC so we get Chuck Todd.
We have been fighting this same fight for a long, long time and every time we get serious they kill the candidate. They might have shot Bernie if he hadn’t quit. WE have to understand the desperation of desperate mass murderers not willing to stop blowing the heads off babies for cash. Note: The English monarchy is fighting right now to determine if Parliament runs Britain or crazy Boris and the Queen. This fight is going to implode rapidly. We are dealing with despots. Oil pirates and stone cold murderers. Joe Biden is one of them, another Wall Street tool from the shed. Joe is the front runner because MSNBC made him the front runner because they hate Progressives. Fight. Joe’s an Irish drinker who prefers to strut. Dr. Biden seems smart. But Joe is another poster boy like Trump, TPP Barry, Junior Oil Boy and Billy Bob Clinton for the elusiveness of manhood. Fight.


After one term of trump, the last thing we need is another president who doesn’t know the difference between reality and fiction.
We don’t need a male version of Hillary, but the DNC doesn’t seem to learn anything.


I guess we’ve reached that stage of third worldliness that a lie is as good as a truth.

Welcome to your shit hole country.


Author sez:
“At The Nation , Joan Walsh wondered if Biden’s gaffes were enough to sink his presidency or if a focus on President Donald Trump was enough to save the Biden campaign.”

Hmmm … should the Democratic Party™ spend 2020 walking, or chewing gum?
Decisions, decisions …


I say, " Keep lyin’ Joe, keep lyin’. The polls will soon show you’re not killin’ it, you’re dyin’. "


Where’s the crook to pull this guy off the stage? Isn’t one DT enogh? we certainly don’t need another.


1968, the year that we called time of death for Democracy in this country.


Gravel was too honest for them/ both of then were