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'Flat-Out Lying': Critics Reject Biden Effort to Re-Write History on His Support for US Invasion of Iraq

Nor a female version (nor genderX).


Biden lies a lot. Check out this hilarious segment from progressive youtube host Kyle Kulinski about Biden’s lies and the corporate media’s shilling for Biden.


And yet how many zombie Democrats, according to polls at least, continue to support him? He has gone out of his way to prove how horrible of a candidate he is, and yet many Democrats like what they see. At some point, the anger and frustration has to be centered on the damn people continuing to back him. It is a Trump like aversion to facts, basic research and critical thinking.


Maybe you meant 1963?
Of course, as the USA is a constitutional republic at the federal level, real “democracy” never even got started. The electoral college is a prime example of the difference.


Anyone that followed how she covered 2016 and what she supports should question why any publication on the left would employ her in the first place.


What a lying sack of shit.

Do NOT try to obligate me or ‘shame’ me into voting for this POS. NOT happening and that is even before I refused to vote Blue no matter who,


Biden pointed out that he has more foreign policy experience than all of his opponents COMBINED.

Yea, that’s how they tried they tried to sell Hillary too wasn’t it. There’s experience, and then there’s ‘Experience’

Screw Status Quo Joe with a Lag bolt

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Biden owns the war against Iraq, just like Hillary Clinton did, and just like Ms. Clinton in 2008 it is going to cost him the chance to run for the Presidency. Dead-on Karma, and nobody deserves it as much as those two.


Since the electorial college delegates are voted for by the peoples = democracy.
Winner take all = democracy in each state
Republic puts an alternate voice into the discussion, the minority opinion, group, causcus, etc. who are permitted to speak their thoughts, arguments, facts, etc.

So, americans enjoy the best of both systems. Democracy to allow citizens to ask for everything and a Republic to once each century to say no.

Neither method is saying no to war.

Hasn’t he already been called out and still he remains in the race. He should have been dead in the water. The DNC are cowards.


With Biden, the voters themselves are just as big of a problem. These voters have given us one rotten candidate after another, look at the Democrats in power, and they seem to be very swayed by the corporate media, which is mind blowing. How can anyone watch CNN and MSNBC and fail to recognize it as propaganda? We can see it with Fox and it is obvious, why is it not obvious with the other corporate networks? Because they like the propaganda being fed to them? Apparently, especially with many voters 50 and older.


Biden not only voted for the Iraq invasion, he was a tireless cheerleader for it for months on ends on the Sunsay shows where either he or Lieberman tunred up nearly ever week.

*Not only did he support the war, but he could also be counted on to support or apologise for any of a long string of provacy and civil rights abuses and absurdities in the name of 'fighting terra."


Those who support Biden in 2020 will become the new “deplorables.”


The polls out of S. Carolina can’t be trusted. So, finding the poll averages is a fool’s errand. They show the CNN sychophants’ push-polling the " D " minority of the state where the " nominee " will be decided. Just ask them; they’ll repeat that like a broken record of " Happy Days Are Here Again ", with a picture of Barack & Michelle dancing in the background.


Joe, you’ve got too much damaging baggage that won’t fly with Liberals any more. I wish you’d get a clue and just fade away, you don’t have anything to contribute anymore.


This is unbelievable!!! I painfully remember that Biden was an enthusiastic supporter of the War on Iraq and that he voted for it.
That’s why I did not vote for Hillary. Her wars on Iraq, Syria and Lybia wer a bridge too far! Every parent who lost a child in this tragic boondoggle should be very angry!


Yea Joe- we believe everything you say. We know you were mistaken about almost everything you’ve done in the past 30 years and we forgive you because you’ve been through so much. Now go fix yourself a nice drink, sit back on the porch and think about how great things were when you had the power you will never ever have again. It’s retirement time - Joe. You’re out to pasture.


But, but, surely… we’re all the deplorables, now?


If that office photo reflects Biden’s taste in upholstery, he’s automatically disqualified. He looks like he should be sipping a mint julep while shreiking reprimands at a tardy slave (oh wait, he is).

Someone thinks lavender enhances the whiter-than-white image, I suppose.


Uncle Joe Biden needs to be the next person to drop out. This latest episode is further proof of the fact that he is more of the same old Demo compromises. Attempt to rewrite your history and try and take advantage of American’s short attention span and also appeal to the oligarchs by stating that there will be “no fundamental change” if he is the next president. Biden knows that this is his last chance for the presidency and he will obviously be willing to do whatever the DNC (who also wants him in the Oval) tells him to do. The Demo list of candidates is narrowing and it is time to concentrate on the people that can beat this colossal asshole in the White House.
Go Bernie/Sanders!