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'Flat-Out Sabotage' Already Underway as Mnuchin Tries to Put $455 Billion in Covid Funds Out of Biden Team's Reach

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/25/flat-out-sabotage-already-underway-mnuchin-tries-put-455-billion-covid-funds-out


I wish the headline read, “Mnuchin undercuts Biden administration by sending $455B in relief checks to all Americans.”


The Gibbet, the Guillotine, Wire him up in an Electrical Substation, at least put him in SuperMax till old age carries him off. All those things are to good for tRump toady’s but ya gotta work with what’s available.


This is what happens when un-indicted criminals are in charge, thanks to
Kamala the Wall Street Walker.


It’s going to take about six months after Jan 20th, for anything Biden does fiscally or monetarily, to work its way to main street. Relief checks work faster, so, that issue will be met with the greatest resistance.


this is the direct result of vice president elect Harris’s failure to do her job as CA attorney General when she let the criminal Mnuchin walk away from his crimes so she could get money for her Senate race from his bank

not doing your job has real life consequences and so far she has failed to do hers-


Meanwhile people die. Get ready for General Strikes, then total, non cooperation and coming together virtually to imagine and work for a collective vision of post-capitalist world where we live in human scale communities.


You know what would be idiotic? For the Biden administration to allow this unlawful act to hamstring them. Mnuchin had no legal authority to do this, so don’t follow this action, ignore it and spend the money.


Party ueber alles is why this proud Progressive Independent will never vote for a Republican. Never. They have shown their stripes through and through. They don’t give a damn about you.


Biden is already attempting to do deals with DT and the GOP and that is a waste. DT has plenty of more damage to leave for the DP before he slides out of the WH. He is the Master of Carnage and he has created plenty of tha,t and worse, his minions, like a virus, are throughout the entire Federal govt. and will plague the Biden Administration at every twist and turn. The GOP has the upper hand and McConnell is the head of the snake and he knows they have to give up NOTHING in return for Something.

No deals should be the rule. No. Deals. Clean house thoroughly Turn loose the DOJ after firing Barr and let the chips fall where they may. Get rid of Pompeo, DeVos, etc, all those top “smart people” grafting, conning, gutting the govt. for their own ends, Install his picks and get on with the governing
of a govt. for the people and by the people. (Well, I still have hat dream but Biden/Harris are not going to deliver and I know that, as do the majority of us by now). The sad aspect of all this is the DP, Biden’s Dream Team, do not know how to play hardball, that take no prisoners game the GOP has perfected, and this will play out much the same as the times with a DP (and sorry candidate) taking the WH. Well, if I was in charge, that would be my plan: Turn loose the DOJ dogs, focus on governing and getting the pandemic under control as #!, but I’m not and I see the DP having no agenda other than getting rid of DT and he’s far from gone. What a GD legacy that fat fu*k is leaving behind. Guess what?
Biden and his people are no up to the task, and McConnell is well aware of that. I almost admire that psycho.


I very much appreciate the nurse’s union insights you bring to the Commons. I’ve shared that my spouse and I worked our way through school as CNA’s, so we’ve been stamped from the beginning with the assurance that nurses are salt of the Earth. Today it rips my heart out hearing their troubles. Nobody ever signed up for outright public-health sabotage from the highest office.

People die at the 7-day averaged rate of 1605.43 per day (every 54 seconds), at this writing. Fatality is exploding. On any chart tracking deaths, you see a bend upward starting a week or two ago. This is because we’re running out of care virtually everywhere, and the cavalry is not on the way, because the surge is so general this time no state can afford to help out any other.


Ranking is based on Johns Hopkins’ test-positivity factored with “per-capita newcases” & “immediate mortality” – the ratio of totals on hand for deaths and cases.

>                        JH       per-capita     immed
>                    positivity    newcases    mortality
>                        %            %            %
>  1. South Dakota      47.2        132.1         1.44
>  2. Wyoming           52.5        114.1         0.76
>  3. Iowa              43.0        108.0         0.67
>  4. Kansas            37.7         78.6         0.79
>  5. Idaho             39.8         68.0         0.84
>  6. North Dakota      13.7        160.0         1.21
>  7. Montana           19.8         95.4         1.11
>  8. Wisconsin         15.3        103.0         0.72
>  9. Utah              18.4         84.6         0.31
> 10. New Mexico        18.0         81.3         0.99
> 11. Missouri          19.6         63.1         0.88
> 12. Minnesota         12.8         93.5         0.68
> 13. Nebraska          12.9         89.8         0.71
> --- ---------------------- ------------ ------------
> 14. Indiana           11.8         75.6         0.91
> 15. Illinois          10.6         79.2         0.92
> 16. Pennsylvania      22.8         36.6         1.07
> 17. Alabama           21.7         37.6         1.14
> 18. Oklahoma          13.6         58.8         0.62
> 19. Tennessee         13.8         48.9         1.31
> 20. Colorado          10.1         68.4         0.61
> 21. Arkansas          13.1         48.9         1.38
> 22. Nevada            13.0         51.5         0.68
> 23. Ohio              12.2         53.9         0.52
> 24. Michigan          10.3         60.4         0.97
> 25. Arizona           17.9         35.5         0.88
> 26. Mississippi       14.9         34.7         1.63
> 27. Kentucky           8.9         52.5         0.59
> 28. Rhode Island       5.5         72.0         0.69
> 29. Texas              9.9         34.5         1.18
> 30. Alaska             4.5         68.8         0.34
> 31. Oregon            14.3         21.8         0.77
> --- ---------------------- ------------ ------------
> 32. West Virginia      6.2         40.6         1.27
> 33. Georgia            7.9         32.6         1.27
> 34. Washington        12.1         23.1         0.79
> 35. Louisiana          7.1         33.5         1.13
> 36. New Jersey         7.2         34.6         0.65
> 37. Florida            7.7         29.0         0.97
> 38. Connecticut        4.9         40.6         0.77
> 39. North Carolina     7.2         27.6         1.06
> 40. South Carolina     6.7         26.2         1.34
> 41. Delaware           5.4         32.8         0.80
> 42. Virginia           7.5         21.2         0.82
> 43. Maryland           5.2         27.2         0.87
> 44. California         5.3         22.7         0.61
> 45. Massachusetts      2.8         30.7         1.11
> 46. New Hampshire      4.9         22.3         0.45
> --- ---------------------- ------------ ------------
> 47. New York           2.7         20.8         0.62
> 48. D.C.               2.2         18.2         0.93
> 49. Maine              1.9         12.1         1.09
> 50. Hawaii             2.1          6.7         0.96
> 51. Vermont            1.3         10.2         0.47

The big mover today is Washington state, now in 34th place (40th place yesterday).


To be specific, this guy is no ordinary bankster. As head of California’s One West bank he illegally foreclosed on thousands of homeowners. They changed dates and other info on mortgage contracts. They also foreclosed earlier than would legally be allowed. All to snatch people’s homes.

Kamala’s staff had presented a strong case against him; but she declined to follow through and prosecute. With a resume like that he was strongly qualified to join Trump’s criminal cabal.


These creeps are internal enemies of the United States of America.

Treasonous attempts to destroy the US should be dealt with as such.

Call it like it is.


Shouldn’t the headline reasonably read “Flat-Out Treason” by trump regime saboteur Munchkin, undermining Biden’s abilities and tenure (even more)?
The trump regime’s “Steves” - Munchkin, Miller and Bannon (among others and trump himself) have and will continue to sabotage our nation, and an encouragement for others as well, to be the definition of the “domestic enemy” that threatens the US Constitution spoken in the oath of office, unless all such destructive actions/crimes are fully prosecuted!, Such sabotage and betrayal of our Republic and people must not be tolerated or “normalized”!.


Mnuchin and his filthy ilk should held legally libel for their criminal obstruction.


In all fairness, Kamala would have fit right in with the Trump administration, as well. She would have to change her jersey from blue to red of course.


Impossible to understand that almost 100 million voters cast a ballot for these criminals. What is that saying for the USA? When did we become this, when did hate, division, bigotry and ignorance rise to the top of the demographics?
Is it all just greed? Is it people pushing other people down so they can take from them?
People: the USA is 27th in the world in secondary school math and science education. For morons; secondary school = high school in USA terms.
27th. Behind those intellectual powerhouse countries like Estonia and Croatia… yes, Croatia “high school” students graduate with better math and science skills then the USA students.
Are you proud of this? Is that what you wanted the future generations to be: ignorant, uneducated, pot-smoking, obese and worthless? Because, that’s where we are and no one is turning this ship around.
China is 47th and rising fast. If you’re worried about China today, in 10 years they will be #1 in educated students. And we, the USA, will be the “sh**hole” country donnie dump made fun of.
The GOP LOVES ignorance.


Do you hold Trump and republicans responsible for employing and empowering him? Or is it only the left whose decisions must be placed under the virtue-signal microscope for not indicting him?

How many top bankers went to jail after the 2011 financial crisis? One? So is this a failing of one woman? Or is this a greater institutional failing. Is this thoughtful analysis and criticism, or just muckraking. Perhaps its somewhere in between…

Governance is complicated and sometimes doing the right thing is easy to say but not so easy to carry out. Did they fail in their duty? Probably. Does that mean this mistake makes Harris incapable of governing for good (including in that same arena, financial-industry accountability)? Not necessarily. History is full of people changing their tunes or redeeming and rectifying past mistakes. Not sure why this mistake is worthy of running her out of town on a rail when America couldn’t even do this with the litany of Trump failures, improprieties, and corruptions.

Again, Harris may have failed to prosecute him and his bank for their widespread misconduct. But she also didn’t elevate him to a position of power in government. That was Trump. Harris isn’t the one trying to rob the executive branch of half a trillion in relief. Mnuchin is.

Seems like misdirected malice to me…

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He probably cooked it up at the synagogue with Jared and Ivanka. This guy’s been a snake since the bankrupt corrupt Goldman Sachs days I wish him ill will.


Time to cancel his birth certificate.

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