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'Flat-Out Sabotage' Already Underway as Mnuchin Tries to Put $455 Billion in Covid Funds Out of Biden Team's Reach

A message to Mnuchin, Biden, Bezos, et al (the other buggers up there)


That is a very serious accusation. Has she been confronted with it and given the opportunity to respond?

I’ll try to use “human scale communities” as a ‘good’ development term. Modern metropolitan societies have too many ‘bad’ development models like car-dependent suburbs, central city skyscrapers, isolated commercial and industrial hubs, freeways and speedy boulevards, cars parked around the block like a siege demanding subservience to the moguls of motor vehicles, their care and maintenance. “Oh goody! They’ll all be electric soon and solve everything,” say plenty of people who should know better.


You have hit on the problem. Obama let the Bush Administration off the hook, and that just emboldened a trump regime. Overlooking the criminality of the trump administration makes any further administrations, especially from the right, lawless as well. We will know what’s what by Biden’s choice for DOJ head.


You really want a serious answer to questions like that, see Isabel Wilkerson’s magisterial
Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents

Pretty much sums it up. It’s about defending your caste privilege – not just for yourself, for your whole “white” community. More precious than life itself. Demonstrably so, over and over in US American history. Some of us might obliviously imagine the racists have a habit of voting “against their own interests” – but they vote to defend their most precious caste interests first. I think Kamala Harris’ presence on the ticket made a vote for dictatorship mandatory for goo-gobs of garden-variety USA racists. Caste is an even more important priority to them than traditional US American democratic principles, demonstrably so.

At one point I thought a quarter million deaths might get the attention of US Americans. Brings to mind the time Hurricane Sandy hit NYC, flooding the subways. I thought that might get someone’s attention. Someone in here recommended Mike Judge’s masterpiece Idiocracy, which is startlingly prescient on so many levels it’s quite painful to watch (you’ll bust a gut). But we got to that idiotic dystopia hela quicker than Judge imagined, and I might call this strange land Obliviocracy – land of look-away.

A brief history of USA COVID-19 cases (latest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    9 WEEKS              CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   9.  03/17/2020       7,023       7,023
>  18.  05/19/2020   1,521,212   1,528,235
>  27.  07/21/2020   2,353,932   3,882,167
>  36.  09/22/2020   2,992,815   6,874,982
>  45.  11/24/2020   5,623,752  12,498,734

There’s an extremity of caste aggression right there: 12.5 million worth. We all remember how mad laissez-faire “herd immunity” notions from people like Scott “Dr Death” Atlas seriously took hold of USA, UK, and Swedish policy after studies showed lower-class (“essential”) people getting hit much harder. Now USA’s third and worst Covid surge looks like the “white” surge, statistically. “Flat-out sabotage” indeed.

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Perhaps you are correct; just chop off therotten little fishes heads and move on to the bigger fish. Slowly saw those heads off…

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this is history–where have you been???this has been common knowledge for years

Technically maybe he could just send it to the American people before the end of the year, What the author of this hit piece doesn’t tell you is that if that 455 billion isn’t spent by the end of the year it’s returned to the Treasury by law.In other words it is forfeited and must be returned to the Government. Congress must then vote to re-allocate those funds.


I have never been in California, almost always have been well to the NE of the state. I only heard about Mnuchin’s walk away in CA recently. Am still curious whether anyone has confronted Harris on it and if so what explanation she gave, but yes, I can do a search for the information.


The entire trump admin has been reduced (if they were ever otherwise) to just a club of revenge porn aficionados.


That is correct. He was known in 2009 as “the foreclosure king.” He also stripped assets from Sears (or its holding company) while overseeing that bankruptcy. What else would we expect from such a known and un-indicted thief?


Biden is no better than Trump.JmmyDore has been doing an excellent job of documenting that simple truth


Instead of complaining what we know to be true ~ that Team Trump is & will continue to sabotage our Country with every step they take, all the way thru their last step out the door…why can’t we STOP IT?!?
Get imaginative if need be! Stop him from further destroying us!


It’s known as a “Scorched Earth Policy”.Destroy every thing as you retreat simply out of spite for not voting for him !!!


She was confronted in the primaries and the voters overwhelmingly told her that what she did not do to Mnunchkin was despicable. She couldn’t even get votes in California. Democratic voters rejected her across the board, so of course, Biden made her VP. If we still voted for President and Vice President separately, Pence might have kept his job.


I did notice that the article made it sound like Mnunchkin was burning the money in a barrel behind Treasury. Knowing that congress will not be able to pass a relief bill, I guess he might as well have. Like so many things, congress could fix everything from abortion issues to the economic divide if they did their job and legislate. Easier to turn over their power to the executive branch and avoid blame.


Mnuchin- foreclosed on 39,000 homes.

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They all, from Trump on down, need to be prosecuted as soon as they are out of office.

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Such a tiny modification to your statement, Mr Connelly, would shift it from being a potential nationalist-fascist asset to a liability in the ongoing business consolidation of Bannon-Trump TV and Telecomm platforming plans.

Instead of

the phrasing should more properly be focused on "These creeps are internal enemies of the Public Interest ."

“Their attempts to divert US resources to advantage the Private Interests is treasonous.”

We need to focus on the sleight of hand and mouth disease that attended the Public Diplomacy shift here in the US during the Cold War and carried over the demise of the Cult of Personality Communists because the weaponized propaganda of GREED IS GOOD was ideologically serviceable to Wall Street’s wealth concentrating private and trans national interests.

What the pandemic and its exploitation by corporate-captured US Retail Feudal Fiefdoms has brought into focus is how the shift from GREED IS GOOD broadcast and closed circuit messaging to WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER has been as simple as piping in robo messages to our Temples of Commerce reinforcing the new ideologically serviceable message .

The shift which has passed with very little journalistic coverage or academic analysis that would be easily accessed by a PUBLIC INTEREST BROADCAST SERVICE which the US lacks and which most of our global trading rivals retain prevents any use of the miraculous publicly funded developments in mass communications technologies and formatting to be used to increase PUBLIC FORUMS and PUBLIC POLITICAL POLICY DISCUSSION. Our national and even regional election campaigns are often completely devoid of policy\issue debates.

Check out now rather easily via online streaming and the U. of Tube dba You Tube corporate monopolized service that nevertheless carries Public Interest Television the world’s many languages: With English language service audit broadcasting by the ABC (Australian Broadcast Company), BBC (British), CBC (Canadian), Rai Italy, NRK (Norwegian Broadcast System), DR (Danish Broadcast System), Sveriges for Public Interest TV and Rundradio for Public Interest Local Radio (Swedish Broadcast service) clear to YLE the Finland Public Interest Broadcast system.

Also the Francophone Public Interest broadcast services in France, the Benelux states and what is left of the remote colonial world where lingua franca still rules.

An outlier Public Interest Service broadcast system with Private Interest objectives mixed in like the US shift in 1967 from an Educational Broadcast Network to the Corporation of Public Broadcasting that opened the doors to corporate-capture via underwriting and power of veto on broadcast content (see the Koch Brothers Campaign to Kill PBS documentary on their family’s concentration of wealth and power) would be the New Zealand Public Media broadcast system:

What we see from comparative study of national Public Interest broadcast services is that where the objective is serving the Public Interest, the policy outcomes as measured by international peer-reviewed academics shows that these nordic and Anglo nation-state Public Interest broadcast services support a greater level of successful Public Policy outcomes. Lower rates of the normalization of homelessness, better Public Health systems, higher Public Education outcomes and more egalitarian and income stable opportunities than in the US.

Those Public Policy outcomes are successes because that is the objective of the Public Interest National Broadcast Service. In the US our Public Interest chartered broadcast service objective is to make every week THIS WEEK ON WALL STREET or provide an hourly PLANET MONEY perspective, or INVESTOR BUSINESS NEWS or MARKETPLACE or BLOOMBERG BILLIONAIRE BID-NET NEWS or FREAKANOMICS . Our Public Policies outcomes that outpace the world in CONCENTRATION OF WEALTH (the quantified wealthiest nation in recorded human history) has not been a failure it is a quantifiable success as it serves the cause of concentration of wealth into ever smaller circles of Feudal Lords of HIgh FInance\Tech\Telecomm\Life Sciences holders via policies of deregulation, unfettering of Global Capital, de-professionaliztion and pauperization of the Working Classes with a moratorium of Law Enforcement on Anti-Trust\Anti-Competitive laws on the books since Teddy Roosevelt’s administration.

All of this commitment to PRIVATE INTEREST ECONOMIC POLICY PRIVILEGING has been predictably accompanied by the telling Capital Flight and the unfettered global capital siphoning of Off-Shored Idle Currency (see the legalized and normalized Money Laundering of the Real Estate markets with some superb Public TV coverage even in the U.S. via non-profit investigative reporters like Aaron Glantz and the non-profit REVEAL broadcasts, but such and Wealth\Power Resource Management into bank secrecy accounts and electronically traded (without auditing or taxing).

Likewise for the regulation of commodities, extractive and industrial futures. If the US has no view of these economic sector futures role in advancing the Public Interest it is because of legislative design and the structuring of our society to serve such purposes.

Just before the pandemic broke a Swedish TV documentary called PUSH about the Financialization of Housing and the Privatization of Public Housing was making the rounds of global Film Festivals. Quite a few US based academics and public policy workers were interviewed in that film that took a global perspective on a humanitarian disaster, the return of food and housing insecurity that preceded each of our World Wars and regional proxy war-fare during the Cold War Industry years.

Yet here in the US the film did not receive much if any attention and while now it is easily available for streaming there has been no US public discussion or prioritization of the Normalization of Homeless With Concurrent Construction boom in mostly vacant luxury housing used as speculative financial commidities which Columbia U. Professor Saskia Sassen has termed SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES IN THE SKY.

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Code Shifters and Song Chasers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa (Refuge of Atonement Seekers)
Media Discussion List and Looksee

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While Mnuchin, a former Goldman Sachs banker, insisted he is attempting to ensure the funds are put to better use,
Better Use? What better use can there be but the support of the general population during this pandemic that has been exacerbated by this crowd of either incompetents or crooks?
These twerps seem to have no goal but the dismantling of our government in order to set up one that gives our corporate sector full control of our governing bodies.