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Flawed Terrorism Report Shows Administration’s Skewed Priorities


Flawed Terrorism Report Shows Administration’s Skewed Priorities

Tim Lau

The Trump administration has admitted that a report from last year that linked terrorism to immigration was badly flawed. But the episode is the latest to underscore how our approach to fighting terror over-hypes terrorism involving Muslim perpetrators while downplaying domestic terror committed by far-right militants, even though the latter is more common and more deadly.


“Terrorist violence from the far right” making the GOP the largest of all terrorist organizations.


When the FBI’s report from a few years ago was squashed because it listed right wing groups as the most dangerous terrorists that we had, I knew that we would ignore the real threat to this country. And so far I have been right. We have had an increasing amount year by year of right wing attacks on people in this country. Far outnumbering attacks by any other group.
But we are not allowed to talk about how violent the right has become. Though the racism and bigotry are on their side, any pointing that out brings out accusations that we are the bigots. It doesn’t matter how violent they become, it will be ignored or blamed on liberals.