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Flawed Trans-Pacific Partnership Lands in Justin Trudeau's Lap



I have no hesitation in saying that Trudeau will support the deal.


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The TPP and similar deals are less about trade between countries and more about taking sovereignty from elected governments and giving it to a few powerful corporations and individuals. Not only will the populations of participating countries receive no benefits from this treaty it will have negative effects on labour, health, the environment and the rights of indigenous peoples. Apart from the benefits to a few industries and individuals the purpose of this deal is to prop up the falling economic and military power of the US. The TPP is one part of Obama's "pivot to Asia" to contain the growing power of China and the resurgence of Russia. The US Military/Industrial Complex may like a unipolar world dominated by a single hyperpower but I believe we are safer with a more balanced situation especially as we face the challenges of climate change.
I agree with Karlski that Trudeau will support the deal as will the heads of the other governments involved, either from conviction that it is a good idea, the desire for political donations or fear of retribution from the US (and perhaps some of the other more powerful participants). I had hoped that the Republican loathing of all things Obama would lead them to vote it down but even that now seems unlikely.


While the 99% may find TPP flawed, characterizing TPP as "Flawed" in the title of this article is misleading when you consider that the 1% will find TPP flawless in its ability to eliminate what little remains of democracy in the affected nations, including transferring judicial authority from local, state and federal governments to global corporations.


well, if this happens, then you'll know the accusation of the Liberals as being a gaggle of financially mesmerized corporatists is an accurate one. And good luck finding a whole lot of space between them and Harper for the near term.


Nope, the son of a former PM.

How well did it work out for you guys when you did something like that.

He's more likely to be another Bush. (not that that's that much of a diff.)


"“The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a bad deal for medicine,” said the aid group Doctors Without Borders."
Ah! The smoking gun. Now we get it, Kunduz is pay back for speaking out against the TPP.


Although liberals praise Trudeau for the promises he made to help first nations, etc., Trudeau knows that TPP will trump any progressive action he intends to pursue and he will not need to answer to the 1%. Trudeau studied Obama's playbook.