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'Fleeing Not Migrating'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/12/06/fleeing-not-migrating

We can’t eat “precious” metals or drink oil. Don’t know why homo sap became like magpies and crows and began to collect shiny things. Even those species know what is food or not.
And with just six massive corps deciding what the people of the US hear, this story won’t be made public, except to rag on “illegal immigrants”. But…wait until it’s our turn. Then, every country that has a US military base will be fair game to be invaded and our privileged allowed to live there. And rule there. While the rest of us fight over less and less land, water, and food.

Crows are actually a protection for the land. If you travel down country roads and see crows it is a good thing. I’m not sure about Magpies, they are more tolerant of things urban.

The thing about climate change, it affects everyone. The problem with migration is that migrants are going to places that are already stressed and exploited and without an environmental policy it just means more troubles ahead. Like shuffling chairs on the Titanic.

Sorry. If you are attempting to enter the US for any reason other than tourism, you’re migrating. There are rules and regulations for this, including a process for applying and gaining approval. I welcome with open arms and wallet anyone who has gained entry by playing by the rules.

I wonder how many migrants such as these quoted have chosen instead to go to another central or south American country? Why is the US still a primary target, even though it is further away and despite its recent history of deportations and so on?

We either treat the disease, which is to reduce our burning of fossil fuels, and thereby lessen global warming, or we treat the symptom, which is what Trump is doing by building a wall to keep out those affected by increasing global warming.