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Flexing Military Might is Capitulation to Trump, Despite Liberal Spin


Flexing Military Might is Capitulation to Trump, Despite Liberal Spin

Linda McQuaig

Even after The Economist magazine ran an article headlined “Tony Blair is not a poodle,” the British prime minister was unable to shake the slur of being George W. Bush’s loyal lapdog for supporting his invasion of Iraq.

So there must be a huge sigh of relief inside our own Prime Minister’s Office these days, now that fears seem to have passed that Justin Trudeau could end up similarly branded a poodle — with the leash held by the current U.S. president.


Hey, Justin…make Canada great again, huh? What’s it feel like to be a toady lap-dog sycophant to a pathological nutter, eh?

Caving-in to a person the lowest possible integrity and zero moral compass - aka low-life - is NOT what Canada expected of you…that is not leadership, it is craven betrayal…what would Pierre and Margaret think?


If what Linda says is true and Trudeau follows through with this at the expense of social programmes and peace making then he is no more a progressive than any establishment U;S. Democrat like Hillary or Barrack who are both corrupted warmongers despite the impression created by the mainstream media.

The correct response to little Donnie’s pouting about how the U.S. is carrying too much of the burden of the defence of the west is to point out to tell him to stop spending on it then.

To maybe start spending the U.S. taxpayers money on something that they actually want like single payer healthcare, infrastructure, clean water, free education through public universities you know what Bernie (who is supported by some 65% of the electorate) advocated.

Point out to him that he does not have the support of almost 70% of the U.S., his government is falling apart and that Canada and Canadians are disinclined to follow him and his cabinet of thugs and thieves into more stupid, pointless wars and conflict simply to distract the vacuous media from his legal problems and bolster U.S. defence industry share prices while half of the U.S. population wallows in poverty.

In other words Justin grab a brain as well as a spine and tell Trump and Bannon to go to hell. You will be applauded by all Canadians and Americans who aren’t part of the brain dead, socio-pathic right wing.


Fat cats in private defense industry and private contractors (with no loyalty or accountability to any nation) get fatter riches on taxpayers expense.

US citizens we need to stand up together and I mean all together not all these disjointed groups have to have a central command and peaceful revolt.


The contemptible Trudeau is Canada’s Blair. Canada still has to face its future day of reckoning with ugly neo-fascism (the late mayor Ford being just a small taste) - next up on the blue party lineup - a Canadian Nigel Farrage…

When will a Canadian Corbyn step forward in either the red or orange party?


Why waste trillions on the military when hackers will take control of missiles, aircraft, ships, the grid, entire countries and just about anything that requires computers to run?

Conservative and neoliberal regimes fight the inertia in a military headed for obsolescence by expanding it. War profiteers and arms industries prosper while bankrupting the country…

Direct Democracy


The Liberal Party of Canada isn’t very liberal, historically ( as opposed to progressive ). That’s been the running joke since the 1980s among the environmental community along the Washington-Canada border, anyway. Okonoganistas, here, here!
However, the dashing and energetic figure of Trudeau the Younger, is that of a quite frisky little poodle-boy, isn’t it? So photogenic in those boxer shorts, too ( The Canadian Cobra ). And, that strong handshake will keep Steve Bannon up all night, just dreaming, at least acccording to The Mooch. The Trudeau Adm. is swirling into the latest current American toilet. Or, should we call it a bidet?


There is a reason why Trudeau is sometimes mocked as the Obama of Canada. He has already gone back on much of the progressive image he had during the election.


Yeah, but in Ontario anyway, what is supposed to be the left alternative (the NDP under Andrea Horwath) is even further right. And then there is the tar-sand loving Alberta NDP…


“World leadership.” seems to be always defined by military spending. There are many better ways in which a nation can show leadership. It is depressing to see Canada become more like us!


In addition to being Canada’s Blair in the lapdog context, Trudeau is Canada’s Obama…branded as a progressive with a track record only an oligarch could love.


Rage Against the Machine Snowman!


Canada destroys democracies and murders completely innocent families just like the US does.


Where the hell is the NDP on this? Whatever happened to the NDP’s platform of ‘get out of NATO’? Canada has no external threats which would justify the purchase of anywhere near this volume of military hardware. We currently have soldiers prancing around in Poland and the Baltic states for no reason other than the U.S. fear mongering over Putin and Russia. Ridiculous! The only reason Trudeau is getting away with his poodle tricks is because there is NO effective opposition from the NDP, which used to be the party of peace and disarmament. For that matter, what ever happened to the NDP’s once strident opposition to NAFTA? Here is Trudeau “modernizing” a treaty to further eviscerate Canadian sovereignty, and where is the outrage from the NDP? How about a policy to take Trump up on his threat to can the sucker? Guns instead of jobs: that pretty much sums up the Fiberals, and the NDP is nowhere to be found.


You know, when asked about the differences between Canada and the U.S., Marshall McLuhan used to say that Canada was much like the U.S., only ten years behind. Your comment about Trudeau being Canada’s Obomber is so true. If the NDP has any gumption left (which is questionable), they will begin to call out the prancing one on his duplicity. Trudeau’s actions leave so much to oppose; all we need is to regain a party of active opposition. With so many Canadians hungry for leadership down a new path, the NDP is wandering in the wilderness. Sigh.