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Flint All Over Again? Lead Poisoning Scandal Strikes Ohio Town


Flint All Over Again? Lead Poisoning Scandal Strikes Ohio Town

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Schools in Sebring, Ohio were closed for a third day on Tuesday and pregnant women and children have been advised not to drink the water, after tests showed elevated levels of lead in the local water supply.

Though the village of about 4,300 in northeastern Ohio is much smaller than Flint, Michigan, the drinking water crises in the neighboring states share troubling aspects.


And they wonder why people don’t trust authority/government/leaders/institutions and anything else official? Why don’t they just ban talking about lead poisoning like the governor of Florida banned talking about global warming in state reports? Trust Brownie in New Orleans too.
They don’t want to label gmo foods … but we should trust them? They let chemical companies do their own safety testing but we should trust them? Trust this!!!

Trust only that they are untrustworthy.


This is more evidence of corruption of the representative government.


Taxes bad!

People have to realize that all of those right wing think tanks that advocate the slashing of all manner of taxes so as to remain competitive will not detail the consequences.

Private corporations will not invest in infrastructure upgrades as there no profit on it and Governments claim it can not be done as it means higher taxes

This is the tip of the iceberg


Welcome to the United States of Dystopia. Enjoy your stay, but don’t drink the water.


Name That Candidate (imaginary quote):

“If you want a president who will give another trillion dollars to reckless bankers who gamble away your life savings in rigged derivatives markets while America crumbles - please vote for any of the other candidates.”

“If you want a president who will invest a trillion dollars in good jobs at home, rebuilding infrastructure like clean water systems for our communities and our children who should not be poisoned from the tap water they drink - please vote for me.”


“Private corporations will not invest in infrastructure upgrades…”

Unless and until the “public” infrastructure is “privatized” so the looters can extract eternal profits.


How true! Since Civics is one of the courses in high school that was jettisoned early this century (GWB - NCLB), students have little to no idea about taxation: the process, the purpose, and the positive results. Most will go through life without that knowledge unless they pursue law, political science, finance, or business and even then, if they are making bank, they decry taxes yet again. And the Republicants capitalize on that ignorance to consistently ram through tax cuts for corporations and the nation’s wealthiest.


So much for oversight. So much for transparency. So much for integrity. Negligence, plausible deniability, pass the buck…and 4,300 Sebring residents including the elderly, young children, babies, and pregnant women are victimized. Tax dollars NOT at work or being spent elsewhere.


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