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Flint Is a Casualty in the Right Wing's War on Local Democracy


Flint Is a Casualty in the Right Wing's War on Local Democracy

Arn Pearson

How did an American city's water end up being poisoned with lead?

This month's hearing in Congress about the crisis in Flint, Michigan shed more heat than light on the decisions that poisoned the water more than 100,000 residents rely on to drink and bathe, including nearly 30,000 children and teens. Democrats focused their ire on Governor Rick Snyder, while Republicans predictably tried to deflect blame onto the Environmental Protection Agency as part of their long-standing campaign to eliminate the agency responsible for regulating polluters.


Amazing work Arn Pearson, to compile this narrative not of the Flint water poisoning, but of exactly how the filthy rich looting class laid the groundwork for their "emergency financial manager" assault on humanity, democracy, and the ecology.

Can we overthrow the toxic evil of shameless sociopathic looters like the DeVos and Koch families?

We don't need to restrain them, we need to depose them: take their power, seize their fortunes, and institute democracy.

Anyone who can't see this; who can't recognize the social and political fabric that these conspirators have utterly destroyed; who doesn't understand the totalitarian nature of their assault on democracy, humanity and ecology; and who can't grasp the immediate systemic, planetary, civilizational crisis that is accelerating the dis-integration of society and ecology, that these monsters block all efforts to face... is delusional.


Well, these pro-business magnates (or should I say, maggots) should have no problem respecting The Pottery Barn rule; as in--THEY broke it (Flint's water), so THEY should fix (as in pay for) it!

"DeVos-backed groups like the Mackinac Center for Public Policy were poised to help move his legislative agenda forward.

"Launched in 1987, the Mackinac Center is one of the nation's largest state-based, right-wing pressure groups promoting "free market," pro-business policies. It is an active member of the State Policy Network (SPN) and the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), two important cogs in the Koch machine."

It's time that rich scum that use their money to harm others' lives pick up the tab for the damage that THEY cause!

Given the kind of money wielded by these entities, they no doubt hired top strategists who treated the control of cities the way generals devise plans for all-out war.

Thank you to Arn Pearson for so diligently laying all this out:

"Mackinac pressed for sweeping authority for emergency managers to assume the powers of elected city councils and mayors, break union contracts, and revise municipal charters, while getting legal immunity from any liability for the results of their actions.

"Snyder's emergency manager law included all four of those changes, and the Mackinac bunch patted themselves on the back while singing the law's praises.

"Concerned citizens and critics, however, denounced it as "financial martial law."


I agree with your comment.

Reading Mr. Arn Pearson's article, one remembers what real journalism is made of.


The Democratic Party represented itself as the party of The People until...

  1. Ronald Reagan began to demonize government
  2. Bill Clinton used the art of triangulation to essentially fuse both parties into one entity that would be loyal to Big Business' interests
  3. This, in turn, fueled a deregulatory craze that opened the Public's Airwaves (a/k/a mass media) to private interests where a handful of 5-6 massive broadcast corporations soon gained control of ALL channels and thereby, shaped public perceptions and eliminated content that didn't suit their own purposes
  4. Mortgages that used to be under $100,000 ballooned to several hundred thousand dollars each as the centralization of Real Estate through computers boosted rental and alleged property values all over the nation
  5. These higher property costs led to Universities raising their tuitions, and many public entities relying on donations from the rich
  6. Meanwhile, the deregulation of banking (taking down THAT wall that separated conventional banking from unchecked Wall St. speculation... i.e. Glass Steagall) led to massive unsecured sums being traded into the stratosphere
  7. And "free trade" led to the gutting of America's industrial sectors; and with jobs exported, American workers had vastly reduced bargaining power
  8. Enter the Koch Brothers and the strategy they introduced to other billionaires. This strategy entailed the funding of think tanks as well as segments of academe; and through these strategic operations, ESTABLISHING a narrative that favored the business interests of the rich.

All of these initiatives favor the 1%. And typically, when political interests protect that same Interest Pool, it's characteristically defined as Right Wing. Regardless of whether--after the fact--both parties learned to bow before the corporate donors in order to secure financial largesse, the bottom line is that these policies were fostered on the nation by the Dark Money networks and they certainly DO represent Right wing Interests and Causes.

What kind of poster would act as apologist to THAT?


Unlike you, I've been doing just that.