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Flint Isn’t the Only Place with Racism in the Water


Flint Isn’t the Only Place with Racism in the Water

Danyelle Solomon, Tracey Ross

Last month, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) delivered his fifth State of the State address, a ceremonious speech that typically presents the governor’s legislative priorities and vision for the year ahead. But instead of talking about pressing priorities—such as the need to reform the state’s public education system, improve its job market, or invest in its infrastructure—Gov. Snyder was forced to apologize for his government’s failure to provide clean, safe water to the people of Flint, Michigan.


Here's an article taking another step, looking at environmental racism affecting Native Americans, comparing the poisoning of Flint water, to the poisoning of Diné (Navajo) water:



I lived on the south side of Chicago for a couple of years where many of my neighbors had cancer from widespread factory generated air and water pollution. Many of my neighbors had cancer where I lived for a couple of years near Bakersfield California from oil refineries spewing smoke and cotton farmers spraying their fields several times per week. I felt like I had a low level cold the entire time I lived in those places and was amazed at how much better I felt when I moved away.
Its so sad that some folks are stuck in these places forever.


I have no doubt that the poor suffer most from evironmental hazards. They live in the lowest cost housing. But there is no escape, no getting unstuck. The environment is not great anywhere. I lived in ten different states over the years. Always in the privileged zip codes. The Ship Channel's air pollution hits all of Houston. The ocean in Florida is equally tarry to anyone who steps in. The deer in the New Mexico deer in the hills are sickly from drinking water tainted by mining and the dogs wont even drink from the stream. Augusta Georgia has textile mills. Brooklyn and Boston have high levels of particulates which you can see sweeping the floor. St. Louis is endangered by contamination from flooding of of rivers. Our Pittsburgh drinking water was declared safe from heavy metals after Bush was elected president and raised the legal limit.. It was in Pittsburgh that my husband contracted colon cancer at fifty years old. The nurses commented that it usually hits older people. We were living in Pittsburgh when my husband had a hemorrhagic stroke at 52, while interviewing for a job as CEO of a small company. Everyone in California suffers when global warming makes wildfires in California.I can count five people in my circle of family and friends who have had brain tumors and died in the last fifteen years,. As I see it, air and water damage must be 1. Measured and communicated everywhere. 2. People should be provided with good water.3. Polluting the air simplyy must be outlawed, .. Scrubbers for smokestacks exist, cars can run cleaner, and some materials absoluted cannot be allowed to be spewed in the air.


Cut down on the firewoorks, stop burning yard trash and crop residue, and stop farmers from burning to warm crops at night.
Helping people suffering from environmental tragedies is essential, but it's like helping Syrian refugees. It's not the end game. What really needs to happen is to stop the war. What really needs to happen with the environment is to stop pollution and begin to repair the damage.


i've got so many friends and acquaintances in their late 20s and 30s who've had various forms of cancer.

Last year Seattle had several weeks of smoke from wildfires in the surrounding region.

And of course the 6th extinction mass will not leave any privileged zip codes.

As with pretty much everything about the global economic system and global ecological crisis... i find it very hard to understand how so many humans just continue with their daily lives in the economy, as if the direction we are all headed in were not obvious.


Stop the war, and stop the entire system of warfare.

And transform the chemical industrial warfare agricultural system... and the industrial warfare economy...


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QUOTATION: Flint Isn’t the Only Place with Racism in the Water





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