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Flint Residents Barred From Closed-Door Water Quality Meeting


Flint Residents Barred From Closed-Door Water Quality Meeting

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Residents of Flint, Michigan who traveled to Chicago were barred from attending a private meeting Tuesday between Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and other officials, who advocates say are rushing to declare the city's water supply safe.

Outrage over the closed-door meeting prompted protests in Flint and Chicago, where residents held signs outside the Water Quality Summit asking for their detailed water quality report.


Study the French Revolution: Their heads should be on pikes.


'Funny' Scalia: Money in politics doesn't even create the appearance of corruption.

The appearance of corruption is everywhere present. One of the signs: closed door meetings.


The Republican Party is, as usual, entirely responsible.
Turns out that the Teflon with which Reagan was so long ago coated is transferable, and never loses its protective power.


I agree, it's time to start killing them!


A government of, by, and for the people. What a joke.


Bring out the guillotines! I will accept the position of executioner and you don't have to pay me.


exactlly....except its not funny, it is sad in the extreme, how anyone can believe in there so called democracy as it is now is beyond me, nothing democratic about what is happening right now, and it is about to get much much worse. After everything that went down in Flint you would think the public officials would be falling over eatch other to be "of service" but behind closed doors? simplly mindbending, I am stunned that such a huge percentage of polliticians have little or no regard for the public they supposedlly serve, how did so many mothers go wrong in the raising of these individualls? The morall coruption and lack of empathy and ethics is becoming painfully obvious, partlly because they arent even trying to hide there malfeasance, this election was a gong show, absurd from day one, so many absurdities that it is difficult to pick just one, and getting more so by the day......make america great again.....yeah any day now.....


Closed Doors.


Top Secret.

On a local level.

And looking at Our Government/Intelligence Entities, at the Highest Levels, it seems to bear out that Truth, that The Fish Stinks from the Head Back.


Snyder has obviously learned nothing from this situation and does not want to learn anything. He will not take any responsibility. When will his arrest warrant be issued? When will he be perp-walked?


A prelude to Trumpian America.


Exactly, and it is sad in the extreme. The saddest part of it is that 99 out of every one hundred people that we know who voted on November 8th, voted for the two most corrupt political parties on Earth. Our friends, our neighbors, our coworkers, even our families voted for the Establishment politics of the Democrats and Republicans that over the past 30 plus years have robbed our country's treasures and put it in the bank accounts of only a few at the top. You talk about sad, that's sad. Almost everyone we know voted to allow this insanity to continue. Skiendhiu, I do not know you, but, if you chose not to vote for the Duopoly on November 8th, I commend you. If you did, may God help you.