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Flint Residents Could Lose Their Homes Over Unpaid Bills for Poisoned Water


Flint Residents Could Lose Their Homes Over Unpaid Bills for Poisoned Water

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The city of Flint, where the pipes have still not been fixed and the water crisis is ongoing, is threatening to place tax liens on people's homes for non-payment of water bills, according to a local news source.


So lose your home or pay for poison water. Wonder if this would happen in the city of Beverly Hills


Where are the Ethical Lawyers of Flint willing to support the residents and take the fight to the government?

The residents must band together, pool their money for a chance at justice.

Or, hire a band of Ninjas to clean up the city government.


This is one (more) way people are coerced into funding the poisoning, injuring, and destruction of other lives.


Camp Promise needs support and delivery.


Time for a class action law suit.


What money?


Snyder and his Koch brothers-financed administration and legislature obviously could care less about these brown-skinned human beings as indicated by their lack of any substantive actions to right the wrongs they criminally committed against the people in Flint. Poison them, their children, their pets; destroy their futures; kick them to the curb and NOW GRIND THEM INTO THE GROUND with their (Snyder, et alia) jackboots. When they are evicted from their homes, will the Snyder gang load them into cattle trucks and dump them into the Flint River or deport them to the Sahara Desert to get them out of their sight?

And it is certain that the demented dimwit in the WH, his racist homophobic AG, and lost-in-space HUD anointee will do absolutely nothing to help. One ten thousandeth of the billions DJT wants to allocate to the DoD would save the Flint residents, rebuild their water system, restore their health, reconstruct their town/neighborhoods, and secure their futures. So much for DJT’s empty promise to address our nation’s crumbling infrastructure.


Heck, can’t have an exceptional country without a trifling downside here and there.


In the article, Melissa Mays, a Flint mother and water activist says, she plans to go against what she believes and pay the $900 she owes in order to keep her house from being taken.

If thousands of Flint residents used the money they owed on their ‘poisonous’ water bills, they could be represented.

By lawyers, or Hit men.

Personally, I feel the Hit men would provide more justice.


Way past time for that class action law suit. There must be a moral, and reputation-hungry lawyer out there willing to take this on. Frankly, Rick Snyder should be in jail, yet he hasn’t even been called before congress.
To threaten foreclosure against homeowners for failure to pay for poisoned water is unconscionable. Unfortunately, we are probably only seeing the beginning of the abuses waiting to be perpetrated against all of us under the Trump/Repug regime.
I am the matriarch of a white middle-class family. My fear for my grandchildren is profound.


I wonder if it would be possible to stop the bills by cutting the lines to the water system? Would you still have to pay if your consumption is 0$


The people of Flint have been and continue to be poisoned and now they must pay for the poison! Astonishing! What a great country this is. If the state of Michigan cannot find the money, a real federal government which was supposedly organized to ‘ensure domestic tranquility and promote the general welfare’ should have long ago stepped in and placed the state in receivership in order to protect the victims and right the wrongs they have suffered. What a first class outfit we are. First poison them and then make them pay or take away their homes!


What, exactly what would be the government’s response if foreign terrorists had poisoned the Flint people’s water?

  1. Wall-to-wall capitalist, corporate media coverage.
  2. War!
  3. Maybe, just maybe, clean water for Flint’s residents.

Gosh, what a completely screwed up, corrupt political system we have that lavishes money and attention on the wealthiest and completely ignores the elderly, poor and working class!