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Flint Residents to Snyder: Sometimes Sorry Isn't Enough


Flint Residents to Snyder: Sometimes Sorry Isn't Enough

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

During Tuesday evening's State of the State address, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder apologized repeatedly for the poisoning of Flint's water and vowed to tell "the truth" behind how the crisis came to be.

But residents say that it's too late for such regrets, and that the best way to ensure this "never happens again" is for Snyder to swiftly resign, as protesters have called for in recent weeks.

"I’m sorry, most of all, that I let you down. You deserve better, you deserve accountability, you deserve the know that the buck stops here with me," Snyder said in his speech.


If Obama said "No"
It probably means he did "Know"


I think it was Snyder that fucked up not Obama!


Sorry is nothing but a perfunctory apology. Snyder belongs in jail and forced to live in poverty and turn all his assets over to the the hospital in Flint to be used for all the future sick people that he poisoned!

If Snyder is sincerely " very, very sorry" he needs to show it by more than refusing to resign and empty rhetoric. The only thing Snyder is truly sorry for; is that he has been found culpable!


SORRY?! BS! The actions of contempt for citizens/children is a major incompetence and crime! "Sorry" doesn't cut it and must not be tolerated. We have seen far too much of incompetent, criminal, predatory acts against the people and nation with never any accountability! Someone's responsible and someone must be held accountable commensurate with the crime! "Sorry" or money fines or the guilty walking free is rubbish!


This maniac is a murderer. Why isn't he under arrest. OMG I'm so sick of seeing these double standards everywhere. Bundy gets away with terrorism and Snyder is still in office after consciously giving his city poisoned water. What is wrong with this country. Both belong in jail and yet they are free.
We need Bernie in office. He seems like a fair human being. Bet he wouldn't go to a car manufacturers meeting instead of a poisoned city in his country. Sorry just doesn't cut it. Thousands of children will have brain damage the rest of their lives. Snyder still doesn't get what he's done.


I agree, Snyder and Co. are to blame.
Why the hell they are all smiling is an insult to the people.

But it isn't called the Bully Pulpit for nothing.

And while I campaigned for Obama, his silence an specific issues
has been deafening, and grossly inappropriate.
Dare I list his backtracks.

If you ignore direct calls from the state citizens you are visiting,
don't bother showing up.

Silence, in this instance, IS the problem


these folks behind this debacle along with being prosecuted should be given a life time supply of the water they made available to their constituents , (no not their children ) while they are in jail .


A criminal commits a crime that is complicit with other actors. There is suspicion that the crime occurred, so the actors communicate amongst one another to coordinate deniability. However the accusations persist and evidence is uncovered that cannot be denied, and it is further learned that ten people died as a direct result of the actions of all the [criminal] actors. The principal actor then admits that the crime occurred and apologizes and says he will provide everyone concerned with a timeline to account for the events that led up to the criminal activity. The suggested postulation of this individual who is the states highest government official defies comprehension, in as much as there is no question that the factor of trust is a foregone conclusion, it stands to reason that anyone who manufactures a lie, or a series of lies will continue to lie in order to exonerate themselves from culpability, irregardless of admission. An admission, in this case, is the result of exposure. It is nothing more than arrogance, which further insults the intelligence of the people that he has done irreparable harm to; however, the one aspect of his speech that he did get right was the fact that the buck does stop with him, which makes him accountable, not only for his actions, but for the actions of his staff.

Snyder and his republican cohorts passed laws that overturned city elections with the use of emergency managers who systematically fired elected politicians for what they viewed as incompetence, which to me violates the principals of our constitution; however, with that said, Snyder should now apply that same law upon himself and step down and allow the process to move forward in a competent manner which allows for comprehensive solutions. No governor should ever have the power to do what Snyder did. The results of his actions and his party speak for themselves.


Directly, yes, this is on Snyder and, frankly, on the majority of the people of Michigan who support that vicious little machine of privatizing gangsters.

But an aggressive DOJ could have stopped this entire, profoundly unconstitutional "emergency manager" crap in its tracks years ago. They could have placed the failing Michigan cities under federal receivership as well. None of those things was done, because Obama and Holder belong to the same club that Snyder does: private is best, profit uber alles.


hey - just think of it as the renewed red - like spaghetti sauce - in red white and blue


States Rights. 10th amendment. Evil, nasty Fed.. Sound familiar? The States destroy our commonwealth, then expect the hated Fed to step in and clean up their messes.
Snyder is the Chief Executive of the State. Not a despised Federal government in DC.. And this is a legislative problem. No one person can 'fix it.' Either states educate residents to be competent citizens, or we descend back into wage slavery.

Please don't try to shift blame. It's what they count on to slide out from under responsibility.


Resign, Rick.


May his reprehensible, criminal behavior and total disregard for the residents of Flint and citizens of Michigan signal a death knell to his political career. May abject poverty be in his immediate future, including being homeless, hungry, and sick and/or incarcerated for life. The toll on too many human lives and well-being is inestimably high and interminable. "Sorry" comes no where near "making things right."


In their dysfunctional world you are only incompetent if you lose money. Or get caught poisoning people. Don't lose money or get caught in a crime, or what most reasonable people would call being incompetent, and you are golden brother.


Gov. Synder and EPA knew of this lead problem over a year ago. They attempted to suppress the information and have harassed an unnamed gov't employee who finally blew the whistle. Yes, Obama's appt. of the EPA employee was a political one so Fearless Leader deserves to be called out. However, The Guv and his cronies should be charged with felonies and forced to resign. That's why we have succession contingencies. Last night Synder offered his continued prayers for all the victims of this ongoing debacle. Since he's 57, and a devout Presbyterian, someone with press credentials should ask him if, since some people died, fetuses were aborted and most of those affected are young poor children; if he believes prayers from hell are ever answered. Since the charges brought could reach some level of negligent homicide, will Gov. Synders' solemn request for help from The Almighty be answered, for the 4 or 5 decades into these victim's future, also? After all, the effects of lead poisoning are irreversible. Ya' know, like a gov't agency can't just " unmurder " someone. No matter how much money the state of Michigan or the Feds save by trying their hardest to do so by willful neglect, apparently, in the first place.


I was listening to the radio this morning and when he gave his emotional speech my only thought was "another lying politician and this guy is responsible for the ill health of many children". Throw him and jail and put him on trial in FlInt.


Hey, Nero...Rome is BURNING!


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hes very very sorry he got caught is all, but then taking responsibility for bad actions when you know theres no penalty or repercussions for the bad acts whats the point. same as when hillary took responsibility for bengazi when she knew there would be no penalty.