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Flint Residents 'Will Get Their Day In Court' After Federal Judge Rules They Can Sue EPA Over Water Crisis

Flint Residents 'Will Get Their Day In Court' After Federal Judge Rules They Can Sue EPA Over Water Crisis

Julia Conley, staff writer

As Flint, Michigan, marks five years since the city's deadly water crisis began, a federal judge ruled in favor of residents who want to sue the federal government for not acting promptly to ensure the city had clean drinking water.

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I live about an hour south of Flint and have a relative that still lives there. How would you like to live on bottled water only for 5 years? Thanx, Obama, for doing nothing to help them. Shame on you.


Hi Trublusu: oh this is so sad. It seems that a lot of criminals work in the government. To know that lives were ruined—and for Americans to do nothing-----I think America learns to do this by copying the military. I am sorry for your relative-----and wonder how many more Americans will find that they too are compromised by uncaring workers. : (
Obama-----like so many others, you too turned HOPE into poison—that just keeps on giving. : (


And just like Obama the new bright thing Elisabeth Warren wants to repeat his doctor dolittle thing and chase after impeaching Trump. Case the red herring game again anyone? There are at least 2000 other cities in the USA that have contaminated water. Trump wont do anything and that’s a given and the corporate dolittle dems will do even less if they could. To busy setting up diversions and red herrings to chase.


Obama my ass how about that dam Snyder…and his criminal fascist cronies. And solving the problem to these assholes is by blaming Obama for not doing anything. Pure genius in deflectionship. BUT! Alas. Sorry but your an idiot.

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Name calling a fellow Dreamer, while being juvenile and offensive, doesn’t quite rise to the level of being officially reprimanded.

You can still carry a big stick sir, but better to walk softly.

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No, asshole! YOU ARE THE IDIOT!!! You buy into O’liar’s bullshit based on NO FACTS! His legacy is corruption, war, and fucking the citizenry! Get your news from somewhere besides MSNBC!!!

You might care to note, akita, that this article is about suing the EPA over negligence and lying that transpired while Obama presided over the agency.

I live in MI, Snyder is despicable. I hope that he gets wiped out as a result of his trial. But that doesn’t exonerate Obama from spinning some serious bullshit over the problems in Flint:

Typical of backward thinking so often seen on this forum. The responsibility for safe drinking water is FIRST with your local water authority. The EPA is third in line. The EPA does deserve to get sued, because their testing was very deficient: How many people run their faucets for 5 minutes before drinking?

Article says " The EPA was notified that Flint was using a contaminated drinking water source—the Flint River"

The article gets it wrong. The Flint River had problems, but they could be coped with. The city water department did not treat the water properly, so the water leached an unhealthy amount of lead from the old lead pipes between the water treatment plant and homes in Flint. From the article below "That’s not because the Flint River itself contains lead. It’s because when acidic, chlorinated water flows through pipes, it destroys their coating, allowing lead to leach in. This is a totally avoidable problem whose cure was not necessarily to return to more expensive Detroit water. Rather, it was to simply add phosphorous to the water, something that could be done for as little as $50,000 annually, well within the means even of a cash-strapped city, "

And note that using the Flint River was a legal extender, between the end of their contract with the city of Detroit, and when about two years later they could receive water from Lake Huron.

I have read more informative articles on the subject elsewhere than here. Such as

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So you get your facts from FOX dont call them news. FOX facists and friends are some real stupid fuknutz and aparently your source of loser news.

Walking softly days are over, time to swing that big stick. Everyone wants to blame Obama like he created that mess. NEWS FLASH He didn’t. He was also obstructed by republicans from doing anything and Michigan was owned by republicans who also waited until the last minute to do anything and all of them not willing to own the mess they created by pinching pennies to give tax breaks to the rich. Blame Obama all you want to if you want to look like the idiots your are but ask yourself this. What is Trump and the republicans doing for Michigan now? OBAMA is not president anymore. Agent Orange is.

"Sticks and Stones, Akita."

Your political views aren’t too far off the mainstream, however, your social skills could use a touch-up.

Disagreement is a part of our individuality.

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Maybe those directly responsible will be sued as well.