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Flint’s Poisoned Children Deserve the Truth


Flint’s Poisoned Children Deserve the Truth

Kary Moss

By now, you've surely heard about the Flint water crisis. And you probably know why it happened: After the state of Michigan suspended democracy in the impoverished, predominantly African-American city, emergency managers appointed by Gov. Rick Snyder were given absolute power to make unilateral decisions that resulted in the lead poisoning of the municipality’s water supply.


Snyder and his accomplices need to be charged with a hate crime. A class action suit needs to be filed on behalf of the residents of Flint. Shitstains throughout the country need to understand that abuse of the public shall not be tolerated.


In my mind this constitutes neo feudalism with fiefdoms with with equally feudal overlords of corporate commerce dependent on state suppression of this sort.

AN EXEMPTION for earlier dated documentation of communications involved in an already manifest scurrilous PERMANENT harm to the people of Flint by the administrator dictatorially imposed by the GOVERNMENT of the STATE ?

Nooonoooonooo.... Methinks it time for criminal filings and ... what is the term used for a court demand of documents relevant to charges of criminal intent/activity - would that be subpoena?

By golly I guess its time for all of us to brush up on and become conversant in the defense of our constitutional rights. If our neighbors in Flint are not supported, take a wild silly, off-the-wall guess who is next.


There are natural gas producers standing in the wings, waiting to begin fracking, once they have an adequate supply of cheap water.

Flint has been buying treated water from Detroit since the 1960's. Many communities in the eastern part of the State do the same as this was traditionally cheaper than treating their own local water sources. Through the years the rates charged by Detroit for that water increased.

With the demise of Flint's auto industry, the community's tax base evaporated. To help balance the overall budget, Flint's City charter was amended, allowing the City to impose a surcharge on Customers' water bills. Those funds go into a general fund devoted to maintaining infrastructure, but not necessarily limited to broken water mains and sewer services.

In past years when Snyder appointed emergency managers to take control of Detroit's budget, those managers raised the rates the Detroit water district charged numerous times. The emergency managers in Flint, ordered the City to raise the rates Flint Residents were charged for water. At the same time they also raised the surcharge. That's why Flint Residents pay more for their water than any American municipality. They pay twice the national average.

In 2010 Flint explored the possibility of discontinuing the Detroit water service and using the Flint River instead. At that time the City Council rejected the plan based on the Michigan DEQ stating it wouldn't be able to certify the quality of the water.

Enter the needs of the fracking industry and Snyder's corrupt governance. It was a perfect opportunity to kill 3 birds with one stone.

  1. By conning Flint to join the new water district Snyder was promoting, the City would share in construction costs and operating expenses, effectively reducing the costs the private investors were being required to pay;
  2. With Flint on board, the new KWA would be able to reduce the rates it charged the fracking industry for the water it used;
  3. By getting Flint to cancel its contract for water with Detroit, Detroit would lose a significant source of income, place a larger financial strain for Detroit, and help lay the groundwork for another round of emergency managers.

When the Flint City Council prepared to vote on the proposal to join the new KWA, the Detroit water authority sent a proposal to the Michigan State Treasurer, offering to cut the rate charged to Flint by 50%. That would make it less expensive to remain with Detroit than to go with the KWA. It also placed Snyder's KWA deal in jeopardy. The State Treasurer withheld the details of the offer made by Detroit from Flint's officials.

This is the type of corruption Residents of Flint and the entire State of Michigan are coping with. This is why Governor Snyder and his entire administration need to come under the scrutiny of federal prosecutors and be charged with violations of the federal RICO statutes.


One of these days the American people are just going to come totally unglued over what's going on in this country.


"Abuse of the public shall not be tolerated"? Since when?


Ahh, population control. Think of this another way outside population control. How many of the people that made this decision are invested in health insurance companies? How many are invested in the new Flint when they run out all the peolpe of color? Louisiana, in 1926 blew up the the levies by the 7th ward to do a racial cleansing of the area. But hey politicians, like Hillary Clinton, Rick Perry, etc., are on 'our' side.