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Flipping on TPP, Hillary Clinton Proves Chameleon-Like on Trade


Flipping on TPP, Hillary Clinton Proves Chameleon-Like on Trade

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Indicating that support for the pro-corporate TransPacific Partnership (TPP) may already be a political third rail in the lead-up to the 2016 election, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Wednesday broke with the Obama White House, flipping her position to join Sen. Bernie Sanders and other progressives in saying she does not support the 12-nation "trade" deal.


Hillary: "I've been trying to learn as much as I can about the agreement ..."

  • They want the details secret.
  • And they want the whole thing fast tracked to eliminate proper discussion

Hillary is "trying" to learn the details? So who is it who knows the details? Rio Tinto? Shell? Monsanto? Wolfowitz? The Bildebergs?

If a contract is going to be binding upon citizens, it not only requires them to know the details, but there should be a referendum. This is absolutely B.S. !


Flip or not, I read this as good news.


Why advance the "chameleon stuff?" Better late than never. She made a good decision. And something that needed to come out came out-- Hillary Clinton's official view.

The next thing that needs to come out is illumination of how the Ukraine war started and of the role that Hillary Clinton, Samantha Power and Victoria Nuland played, as alleged by Robert Parry in his many well-researched articles on that subject.


"I'll ask Chelsea to see if the boys on the top floor are hedging for or against TPP. 'K?"


Hillary is becoming Bernie and that's a good thing.


Secretary Clinton has become a damn good follower. That being said, a president needs to be a leader.


No. If Secretary Clinton has no core principles that she doesn't change depending on campaign contributions. This is as opposed to Senator Bernie Sanders who has been consistent for 40 years.

Secretary Clinton will say or do whatever it she feels she must to become president.

Why didn't Secretary Clinton come out against the non-trade deal when it might have prevented it from becoming law? It now appears as a fait accompli so she's against it? Give me a GD break!


Which is bigger-- whether she flipped on Teepee or whether she started the Ukraine war, a subject that everybody is complicit in not talking about? I just hate the level of distraction that is possible and happens all the time in this country.


Liar, liar, Middle-Class on fire.

Forty-five times that this offshoring sow supported the TPP she now claims to oppose:


Why does this sound like Obama saying he will close Gitmo?


Hillary is just following Bill's lead:

"Triangulation is the term given to the act of a political candidate presenting their ideology as being above or between the left and right sides (or "wings") of a traditional (e.g. UK or US) democratic political spectrum. It involves adopting for oneself some of the ideas of one's political opponent. The logic behind it is that it both takes credit for the opponent's ideas, and insulates the triangulator from attacks on that particular issue.

..The term was first used by President of the United States Bill Clinton's chief political advisor Dick Morris as a way to describe his strategy for getting Clinton reelected in the 1996 presidential election."

Wikipedia, Triangulation (Political)


Good for Clinton and good for the fight against TPP for the rest of this year and next. Still don't trust her though. But, although Bernie has been opposed to TPP for a long time, not sure what he would do if it was passed and then he became President.

Bottom line is that it just cannot pass Congress. There will be a huge fight ahead.


She wonders just Why her support is falling off the deep end. Good thing her nose is not prone to growing!
She tap dances while grabbing the golden ring from Goldman Sachs. She is my age and I won't vote for her. Bernie is genuine and she is not. That is her problem, not the republicans.


Haha...finger in the air as usual. The only thing Hillary won't roll over for is Bill...


How many fingers does this woman have anyway? She must be using Lanny's, Bill's, Al's, Madeleine's and Victoria Nuland's, in addition to her own. And, I still need only one for her, though. She's got more positions than the Kama Sutra and at her age it's all getting a little too uncomfortable, imo. Maybe she should just stick with the Christian Missionary Chicago Style; deep dish for the Sec. of State, of course. " When the polls smack your eye with a big piece of humble pie; that's no amore. When you're losing your grip 'cause the public don't give a rip; that's no amore. And, when your done in the dumps, losing to The Trumps, that' no amore "


She should be looking out the front windshield while eating Senator Sanders' dust. No reason to adjust the rearview mirror, HRC as you will be back in the pack. Watch, she (or one of her Super PACs) will pull the "Socialist" card in a very negative context on Bernie in June or July of next year when things really start to heat up. As a campaigner, a Bill Clinton she is NOT.

First, she favors KXL then she doesn't. WJC did not veto NAFTA when he had the chance (it was a done deal while Poppy GHW Bush was prez) but as a newly elected prez., he needed to start accumulating political capital, (I surmise).


I just hope that she or her handlers don't manage to spin this into a Sanders/Clinton ticket.
* If that happens, it will be a miracle if Bernie lasts a month as President before his tragic heart attack.
* God, what a foul stench rises from the cesspool called DC.


Heh. As if that preening warsow would ever again allow herself second billing, even to Bill.

No worries there. Sanders is busy doing the DNC's bidding, herding liberal sheep back into the fold until he bails and endorses the Megathatcher - as he has repeatedly promised to do. No, Bernie Sanders is as safe as milk.


Hillary: "I've been trying to learn as much as I can about the agreement..."

If anyone knows what those agreements are about, it's Hillary. She was the Secretary of State - that is her job. She helped form them. And no one can tell me that she doesn't know the changes that were made since she left the State Dept. She knows. And not too long ago, she was touting TTP as the "gold standard" of all trade deals. What changed?

She flipped because the unions won't endorse her if she is for TPP. And neither will a lot of voters. But her "flipping" on other trade deals - NAFTA, the Columbian Free Trade Agreement and now this one, is just who she is. She flips all of the time. She holds up her finger, tests the wind and that's the way she flies. The TPP may pass before the elections, and then again it may not pass at all. But if Hillary gets to be POTUS, you can bet that she will formulate the Mother of all Trade Deals and sell all of America to the highest corporate bidder.

She is as disingenuous a politician as they come - slick like her husband, totally contrived and self serving.