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Flirting with a Fascist: Trump’s Success Forces GOP to Look into Abyss


Flirting with a Fascist: Trump’s Success Forces GOP to Look into Abyss

Roger White

How did an ongoing debate about how to deal with a population of 11 or so million undocumented immigrants so quickly turn into calls for mass deportation, revocation of birthright citizenship and barrier walls on our southern border? (fences are so yesterday) You could ask the current GOP front runner Donald Trump but you’re likely not to get a straight answer. As his recent debate performance demonstrated, Trump doesn’t believe he has to answer questions, especially ones coming from losers and little people with microphones.


We are reaching a place somewhere between the 400’s AD and 1930’s Germany. The world is on the move, the middle class has had it, time for a demagogue to step up.


Trump wants to repeal the 14th Amendment calling Hispanic American citizens the pejorative: " anchor babies" and having some 11 million Hispanics sent back to Latin America. Sounds a little like the Jewish solution in Nazi Germany. First they came for the anchor babies… If that is not fascist I do not know what is! Trump is the perfect leader for the Fourth Reich.


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This article is scarily to the point in that Trump represents nothing but Trump. The world has seen too often how these sort of terrifyingly arrogant idiots are listened to. Power is arguably the gullible asking for a leader - and the gullible feel most reassured with a big beefy self-assured uncompromising bullhead in charge. His appeal is visceral and he knows how to exploit that. How else did he get to where he is?
With China possibly about to implode and drag down some of the Wall Street empire with it, war always remains the easy way to distract the masses from worldly problems. The collapse of the current order will be more ugly than if it just withered on the vine. Desperation sets in. People become even more gullible. Trump in charge of a superpower could be like having Dracula in charge of a home for the sick.


The GOP are not looking into the abyss. They ARE the abyss. If the GOP are not comfortable with Trump it is because he lays bare the morally and ethically vacant black hole that is the soul of the GOP. He says in public what they think and feel in private. He is an unfiltered republican, their truest representative. He is like the Nazis before him – forthrightly honest about his hatreds and prejudices. This makes the closet haters of the GOP supremely uncomfortable, having their true natures revealed so publicly. Personally, I think Trump is healthy, like lancing a pustulent boil to see all of that filth spill out into the open. Perhaps good-minded citizens can invade the GOP primaries in droves to finally put before the American electorate an honest republican. If not, then hope like hell he runs as an independent.


Trump is every Republicon come out of the closet.


I think I get it now. Trump’s job is to make Nazi Jeb Bush look like a moderate by comparison. At the last second, Donald Duck will blow up calling for waterboarding of the unemployed (or something equally repulsive) leaving the bush crime family with the Republican nomination.


it’s a mistake to say Trump is an outsider, or is getting poll numbers because of his personality, Trump is being pushed by the corporate media, by attacking the poor so strongly and being amplified by the corporate media the poor become, in more and more people’s mind, the problem. Trump is a representative of the 1%, who own the media. this is theatre folks, expanding allowable discourse, demonizing the poor, the winner of the next election to determine the spokesperson for US empire will easily be able to take advantage of this demonizing, Clinton can do this, Sanders can do this (and will, if he wants to win), Bust III can do this, or maybe it will be Trump himself. I doubt the real elite will allow Trump to win, simply because his image is not good for selling the US Empire Brand, however they will be happy to find a more suitable spokesperson, Clinton for example, who will be able to follow through on Trump’s blame the poor rhetoric, not to get rid of poor people who work in the US without US passports, but to lower their wage, put them in for profit prisons, and use them as scapegoats to divert attention from the criminals at the top.


Lance the boil that is the Fox News Right and Trump is what shoots out.

Slap a Bernie bandage on it and let’s start the healing process.


Trump Trump Trump

At the TV set I sit, thinking of elections to come

and our bright and happy homes so long ago.

And the tears they fill my eyes, when the choice is Hitlery or Trump:

Tweedledee or Tweedledum - I don’t want or need to know.

Trump, trump, trump. The boots are stamping

On your face, yes, fascism will come

Wrapped under the country’s flag, it will rear its head again

Far from Europe into our beloved home.


Actually I thought he might be providing that service for Scott Walker – a real fascist and a puppet of the Kochs.


heck, i’m not into conspiracy theories, but I would not be super surprised if the Donald was not some sort of Manchurian candidate for the Clintons. After all, he has been a lifelong democrat, he’s big buddies with the Clintons and he apparently spoke with Bill for two hours the day before he announced. Populist it up, run up some poll numbers, quite when the poll numbers inevitably come down and the republicans are “mean” to him (his words) and form a third party…maybe “Donaldcrats”.ha. Presto! Hillary is President and the Donald is Ambassador to Court of St James or some such thing. Sounds very Clintonian to me…



JJ - what do you think is really behind Obama’s deal with Iran?


We’ve got soft and hard totality. Implicit and explicit social/economic/military controls. Trump is explicit, Obama is implicit, mostly. Which do you prefer? What do we dish, being “exceptional”, to the rest of the world? Medea Benjamin says “I love my country. I love the rule of law”. We still can get solidarity democratically, and shuck the dreck of Empire for the benefit of the living by focusing, remembering what always follows in the aftermath of war. War is the new diversion in the old class struggle.


The only legitimate Americans are the Native Americans who had their country illegally, stolen from them by American immigrants and its war empire. And if you look at old school books that brainwashed school kids in the last two centuries, the Native Americans were called “SAVAGES” for trying to protect their county from all the illegal immigrants coming from Europe. In today’s vernacular that would translate to TERRORISTS!


Trump just had a political rally where some 30,000 Amerikans turned out to support this fascist, demagogue. The only thing missing was the Swastika flag!


I agree the Nuke thing was BS, but did not Putin give a thumbs up to the deal with Iran; or was that just posturing?


Heil Trump. How in the world can these folks be that ignorant, or that stupid, that they can’t make those obvious correlations?