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Flood of Anti-Muslim Violence Driving Record Year for Crimes of Hate



Increasing xenophobia and hateful rhetoric. And now we have Trump leading in the Repug polls. Like someone said on one of these threads, Trump should change his campaign slogan from: LETS MAKE AMERICA GREAT TO: LETS MAKE AMERICA HATE! The Fourth Reich now has the fascist leader they need.


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To all Muslims: I apologize for the hateful morons among us who have forgotten that freedom of religion is the First Amendment of our Constitution. They do not represent the majority of Americans. We are embarrassed and ashamed of their words and deeds.

We stand with you.

Trump is an aberration of the type that pops up too often in U.S. history, a demagogue willing to direct anger about economic and political problems against groups of people who have nothing to do with creating the problems. The rich have always been good at blaming anyone other than themselves for the problems they cause. They direct the anger against others so it won't turn on them. Trump is just the latest manifestation of this ugly tactic. His popularity is a reflection of the anger of people enraged by impoverishment and changing demographics.

First Trump went after the Mexicans and Hispanic immigrants. Now he's going after you. He doesn't really care about religion or ethnicity, just that there is an identifiable other he can demonize to make himself more popular among the anger junkies driven hate mad by years of brainwashing from right-wing radio and Fox News.

They are not us. They are the minority who have been attracted to the KKK, white power movements, and anti-immigrant movements etc. throughout U.S. history. In times of economic duress they become more vocal. They attract more people because people are looking for someone to blame for their situation. Someone to blame for the powerlessness they feel.

And someone like Trump is always there to take advantage of that, to harness that anger and ride it to a position of political power.

But he forgets that the vast majority of us are the descendants of immigrants. He's forgotten that our freedoms, including the freedom to worship (or not) as we choose, are cherished.

He's forgotten what we stand for.

So have those committing hateful acts against you.

So I apologize for them.

Those of us who believe in our freedoms, who believe in our Constitution, who believe in rights - we stand with you.