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'Floodgates Are Opening' as Allegations Against Powerful Men Reveal Scope of Sexual Assault and Harassment


'Floodgates Are Opening' as Allegations Against Powerful Men Reveal Scope of Sexual Assault and Harassment

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Every sexual predator in every walk of professional life is—and should be—nervous that they will be exposed by this uprising."


What about young women who were sexually assaulted repeatedly by their father? What recourse do these women have? Does one have to be famous to qualify as a perp and a victim of sexual assault?


Yes…I sod like to know also.


Someone should look into the sexual harassment in the UCLA Psychology Department in the years 1975-1985 (and perhaps before and after). Female students and female faculty both suffered.


Just because someone has dementia doesn’t exclude the “consent” part of touching people inappropriately or having sex. The best time to deal with that is when it happens but then not everyone is prepared to deal with situations like this and some have no choice.

Really, did you think the article was implied consent? “Hope you get lucky”?


This topic takes up way too much air time and news space when our nation and ALL life are facing the most destructive, harrowing, cruel, disastrous times every in our history under the tyranny of monstrous predators in the WH, Congress, Cabinet, Pentagon, DoD, and SCOTUS. These “powerful men” have the resources to make everything die down and simply disappear into the ether.


Steinham’s got it wrong.

A person that steals money AND is powerful or well conneced probably walks away scot free- maybe even with ill gotten gains attached.


A woman with whom I worked once said to me, without any trace of irony, “I’m cute, and I’m tiny, and I get what I want!”

There are two sides to this coin.


If we open the gates to “toxic masculinity” even farther down the road, we will have to deal with murders of women and men beating women and wives.


It is not a zero-sum game. It’s all about justice.

And “this topic” is not just about “powerful men” with recognizable names. More than half of us live our whole lives dealing with sexual harassment. Sometimes it rises to the point of driving us to overt or passively self-destructive behavior, but more often it just robs our sense of agency, of having anything at all to say about our own lives. It wears us down to the point that we give up on ourselves.

It is inappropriate for those with the privilege that is the basis for sexual harassment to tell those of us defined by sexual harassment that it is less important than any other injustice. Walk a mile in our stilettos and underwires before you try to shut us up.


Indeed not. Somehow, we don’t see those with dementia putting their hands on hot stoves and other painful things.


Actually there are multiple sides to this and men face sexual harassment too. But, the tiny woman is not a different side, it a person that sees the world from an oppressed viewpoint.


Dementia or similar impairments is another topic but it really would benefit society if everyone knew more about it as the population ages it is more common than most realize. Ah, human behavior. Thanks.


Power, what is it.
In a British poll of early 2000’s working females were asked if by sleeping with their boss would get them a raise, would they
60% responded with a yes.
Personally I think that males who abuse positions of power in order to gain sex are weak SOB’s, and females with certain physical and mental attributes can wield a power over many a supposedly macho man. Both are e


Your comment made me cringe!


Yes…the key word here is POWER. We live in a Patriarchal system. Power over–that is the crucial element. Men and women with power over, and women and men who succumb to it…or adhere to its rules…or believe they have no choice…or play along and take advantage of it (i.e…, strippers, etc.)

The secret name of Patriarchy is: Hierarchical Rule.


Excuse me, you assume that I am male…interesting.

The argument is simply not one-sided and sexual harassment has been a part of all societies since man started walking on two legs. Every generation has dealt with it since. It is not that it is not important, the point is that our problems are far greater and definitely more life-threatening than addressing an age-old problem that will not be fully remedied/resolved for ages to come.


As a male I cannot speak as to mental trauma of rape victims, but let’s look at totality of issue from both male female perspectives.
Case in point: rape of felaes and sexual harassment of female members in military.
The feminist scream about female rapes but the true facts are, according to military’s own records from VA and BTW veterans orgs, the numbers of males raped by fellow military male members , while significantly lower by percent than females the total numbers are 20-30% more than number of females.
So why the seperations and ignoring of males by those very vocal of feminist?
The problem is Rape or coersion of sexual depredations by abuse of power, and yes by Military coverups by both senior upper echelon and junior male and female officers.
In a nation where 50% of marriages dissolve and in those of any term 60% of both partners admit to infidelities, and rates same of religious orgs as also unwanted prenancies, that all the billions spent, and earned, by professional feminist hype ,
that percentage has not been lowered but risen.
That today relationships are for sexual satisfaction only, has led to more and closer intamacies of man to man and woman to woman than between opposite sex in relationships.
Of course feminist blame males, and males like the casual no responsibility that woman’s lib brought forth.
There is one heck of a lot of homoerotic played out within military ranks and resulting reaction of over aggressive was towards females,in or out of military, so their buds will not call them " pussies" or think them gay.
The abuse of power does not extend from want of sex alone; abuse of power is prevalent in every segment of society, by those in positions to do so
And is a mental state.
AS long as we continue our over dependence of identity politics and those who use it to seek more power for themselves this nation cannot cure itself.


Somehow it’s even more disturbing if your dismissal comes with acquaintance with side-zipper pants. But I had no more way of knowing your gender than I have of knowing the basis for your assertion that “sexual harassment has been a part of all societies since man [sic] started …” Well, actually, I guess I have a little more indication of your likely gender identification. I actually think I’ve heard of some human societies that have had gender equity, or respect between the genders. But then I took anthropology way back then, and I cared.

And the problem will certainly not be resolved if we continue to ignore it or consider it of less importance than other injustices.


It is less important than the destruction of the social safety net…throwing elderly/infirm out on the street; allowing children to starve; destroying all vestiges of access to health care for ALL sexes, ages; facing the threat of nuclear war at the hand of a pschopath prez; privatizing public education while allowing sexual predators to run free on college campuses:…just to name a few more pressing issues.

As a career flight attendant (you can guess the sex), harassment in all its forms was part of a daily routine perpetrated by male and female passengers alike along with male and female cockpit crews. Women were the cruelest in their personal attacks, believe me. And to this day, I am not “mentally traumatized.”