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Flooding Financial District, SF Activists Shut Down 'Climate Profiteers'

Flooding Financial District, SF Activists Shut Down 'Climate Profiteers'

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Hundreds of activists stormed the streets of the San Francisco financial district early Monday in a mass march and action aiming to "shut down" the system of "climate profiteering."

As always, the message is to blame corporations and government. Not a word about personal responsibility. I would be much more impressed with these San Francisco activists if they promoted vegetarianism/veganism while complaining about various institutions.

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‘“There is no time to waste—our economic system must be transformed,” the organizers state. “Through the power of people taking collective action we will build a future based on justice and sustainability and stop the climate crisis.”’


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I suspect that many, or most of these demonstrators, are already exercising personal responsibility, by not owning cars, by using public transport whenever possible, and in general by avoiding petroleum-based consumer products to the extent that they can. The wealthier ones have already sold the non-renewable portions of their portfolios. Me-I’m just trying to figure out the correct proportion of beef to pork in tonight’s chili. Yum.

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I would suggest port, it has more amino-acids than any other meat…we have cutting teeth in the front of our mouths to cut meat from bones, we do not have teeth like a cow…the portion size is what matters, any amount of meat taken in should be no larger than a deck of cards but we as animals, must have meat, just not so much of it.

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Hi ZenPractice,
How do you find yourself lost in these inscrutable left reads? Are they providing such enlightened levity on jingo frames to plebes? Go back to your steak, smug elitism, and compassionate incapacity. When was the last time you sat
homeless, listening with genuine curiosity? Sorry! You missed an opportunity.

Just shooting from the hip. How in the world did you get “zen” in your nomdeplume? You might do well to return to navel gazing and ask your grandchildren what climate they exxpect tomorrow. Let’s talk zen when you come down from your cat bird seat. I don’t expect an early interview.

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Of course it is good if people avoid cars and use public transportation whenever possible. However your comment about beef and pork being yummy is someone appalling. You are proud of your diet? When you know full well that it is the number one problem of the 21st century that people are eating too much meat?

Such nonsense! If people must have meat, why do vegetarians live longer and healthier than people who eat meat? Our front teeth are for biting into fruit not for biting into animal flesh.

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I have “compassionate incapacity”? My defense of animals is based upon empathy and compassion for animals. Those are qualities that apparently are foreign to you. I am elitist? You do not know me. Why do I use “Zen practice” as my screen name? Go to www.howtopracticezen.com and find out. And I do talk to homeless people. I give them money and I take them to restaurants. And if they ask for meat, I pay for it. You have reached several ridiculous conclusions about me with a very limited knowledge of who I am. That tells more about you than it does about me. Go ahead with your insults. I will not be silenced.

Yes, your agency provided by your station allows / entitles you to pridefully serve a larger political zeitgeist (‘philanthropically’ controlling contextual frame). Also, your felicitous purveying of dead flesh, so to speak, breathing in the belly of the beast is most generous for sure. Be your guest. We all pay the piper. Some fed better, some sooner.

Thanks for responding.

My cup full, school no mo.

every doctor of western medicine has asked me, do you know a healthy vegetarian? moderation in all things is not nonsense, like it or not we are hunter/gatherers, modern man is still a hairless ape

Ah, you consistently work to take the focus away from corporations and then turn around and demonize good people trying to do something, and use your vegetarian meme as a means to do so.

You’ve got quite the gig going here.

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Enter zenpractice as martyr.

He consistently browbeats people doing good things like members of Greenpeace calling them “phonies”, or these demonstrators, and then when called on such behavior resorts to claims that he is a victim of “insults”.

Practice more zen.

No doctor with any degree of competence would ever ask that question. Incredibly idiotic! It is beyond debate that vegetarians are healthier than meat eaters. By the way, all things in moderation is an immoderate statement. Rape and murder in moderation? Slaughtering a healthy animal is not an act of moderation. We are hairless apes? Yes. We are. And gorillas are vegetarians. Do you know any healthy vegetarians? Try checking the diet of numerous athletic world record holders and athletes in general. It amazes me that there is so much ignorance out there!

Are you trying to spread the word that we have to put an end to animal agriculture? Or do you delight in throwing up arguments against those of us who are trying to stop it? You throw out insults and then ridicule me when I complain about that? My position is that people who complain about corporations but refuse to cut back on their own meat eating are not doing enough when they change their lightbulbs or take public transportation or attend rallies carrying posters. I have never said that they are not good people as you claim I have said.

Chimps eat humans…Period


Your disingenuous arguments know no bounds.

Practice more Zen.

an I’m sorry to zenman, I don’t normally call people names, I lost control but I am allowed once in a while to loose control, I am human and yes, I have been known to eat a cows red meat Raw

I will but only if you promise to reduce your intake of psychedelics.

I don’t mind being called a wacko. I know that my position is on the right side of history and that the idea of kindness to animals blows the mind of many people. I used to eat my marshmellows raw, until I learned that marshmellows have chicken eggs in them so I swore them off. But, being one tough hombre, like you, I still eat my carrots raw.