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Floods and Fires: The New Normal of Destabilization


Floods and Fires: The New Normal of Destabilization

Randall Amster

In just the past week, we’ve seen record-breaking rainfall and wildfires plague parts of the United States. Globally, such extreme events appear to be increasing in frequency and magnitude. Droughts, floods, fires, and more can be seen as warning signs of impending ecosystem collapse at the planetary scale, with impacts felt in locales and regions around the world. While no single event may be able to draw a causal line directly from climate change, the cumulative correlation indicates escalating destabilization.


We act as if those who do the most damage to the world deserve the most benefits of our possible mutually assured coming planetary and population
destruction. Monsanto and Dow stockholders, the Koch Bros., - when Corporations rule the world, everyone else with a conscience and some basic morals becomes an involuntary member of the left way behind. As in, abandoned and left to their own survival and devices. Such a coincidence that they turn out to be wealthy and hand out hundreds of millions, perhaps billions, to the finest group of politicians the brave new world has ever seen. And corporate power has ever purchased.
As with the disaster of Houston by Harvey the wealthy and corporations, in the words of Steve Miller, " took the money and run ". Leaving everyone else holding the empty bag with all the payment due bills, in its place.
The first order of business is to identify, prosecute and imprison those planetary-decimating guilty parties. Because, we know, that in the last six decades they’ve only gotten worse. Done more long-term irreparable damage, like a gang of career criminals or terrorists, than any other force in human history. And, they’ll do more. Don’t take my word for knowing that, just to look at their business plans. They actually do mean to kill us, if need be, to maximize their gains. Enough with them, please. If now is all the time we’ve got left, why are waiting?


Good thing Califronia has all those inmates working for a $1.00/day to help squelch the fires.


Another intelligent, thoughtful and positive article from Randall Amster. Thank you!


You are absolutely correct! Our real threats do not reside in North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan, or Russia. They are right here, in the boardrooms of rapacious Capitalism, in the Wall Street money temples, and in the halls of a bought Congress.


And the White House!


The scientists know our situation is dire. There’s not much Trump can really do to alter the mega-emissions the U.S. has put in the atmosphere, which is causing current destabilization. However, he could absolutely implement mitigation and adaptation measures.

They say climate change won’t be our species undoing, however. It will be the 6th mass extinction, which is a silent horror. Climate change will contribute to that. But we can do a heck of a lot more to slow and stop extinctions than we can to slow and stop climate change. Saving ecosystems and species should be our focus.