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Florida Keys Residents Resist Controversial GMO Mosquito Trial


Florida Keys Residents Resist Controversial GMO Mosquito Trial

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Residents of the Florida Keys are up in arms over a plan to release genetically-modified (GM) mosquitoes in the Key Haven neighborhood and are trying to get the word out about the trial, which they say would make them "lab rats" in their own community.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the controversial study by U.K.-firm Oxitec earlier this month, amid renewed fears over mosquito transmission of the Zika virus.


The delusionally insane concept that human engineers can successfully engineer and "improve" the biosphere...

As if we cannot see the clear horrific consequences of all the industrialization and application of "market principles" to ecosystems to date...

Up the ante! Engineer life forms! Edit genes to cause selected species extinction! WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?


I'm with Helen Wallace on this one:


I've suggested this before and will do so again: story on the facts about Naled





Conspicuously absent is the FACT that these genetically-altered mosquito trials also took place in Brazil curiously close to where all the microcephaly outbreaks occurred.

Then it was Zika blamed for the genetic deformations...

And there's been a blackout on the relationship between these two events all through the corporate media.

After the fact, historians reveal the ways that False Flags were deployed to begin conflicts.

Naomi Klein chronicles the ways that the Shock Doctrine makes use both of existing catastrophes and those IT CREATES in order to profit through providing a so-called solution.

Too much in the way of today's modern medical model keeps people on drug regimens for life. Diabetes is a good example.

Instead of teaching people how to eat healthier foods, Diabetes rates have instead escalated in large measure due to the sugar additives and corn syrup and sugar substitutes added to far too many foods.

My point is that the Zika cases found in Florida could be a created ruse. Setting up a problem to force a reaction in order to bring in the Shock Doctrine experts with their version of a cure.

My state's disgusting reptilian governor was on record asking for something like a billion dollars to fight Zika.

Monsanto is a VERY powerful company and it sees in Florida (and other southern states) a tremendous profit potential from pushing pesticides (and genetically altered mosquitoes). There's the not insignificant risk that it would be unleashing the very mosquito that caused the microcephaly under the guise of "curing" the problem.

This is a governor who thinks Fracking might be a good idea in a state that has subterranean rivers that constitute some of the state's remaining clean water.


Didn't the British Petroleum/Obama Gulf Coast disaster destroy enough of
the environment to satisfy those who seem at war with Nature?

And if we do get that 9 FOOT rise in ocean water, where will that leave the Florida Keys?

Is it my imagination or does it seem that anything left of beauty and sense is under
constant attack by either Monsanto or the MIC?


What the fuck are the bats supposed to eat once all of the mosquitos are gone?


I just got a phone call from my BEST friend in the Florida Keys and she told me that the arty section of Duval Street was cordoned off with a News Crew, the mayor, police, etc.

It strikes me as a photo ops. along the lines of a psy-ops. Just as Andrew Card related that government does not MARKET war in the wrong season, it looks to me that these entities are essentially marketing the Zika "cure" syndrome.

Lots of people in the Florida Keys don't want to be Ground Zero for the latest in genetic engineering malfeasance.

(Where's Yunzer/Pdj? Usually this is his cue to show up and discredit any who so much as dare to challenge today's near religious orthodoxy around the kind of science that plays Russian Roulette with the very building blocks of Life, itself.)


Have you seen the photos of the same faces--those interviewed at Terrorist Scenes and now referred to as "Crisis Actors"? When my friend described the Duval Street photo-shoot FOR Zika's marketing, it struck me as that type of thing.

Also brought to mind was that unquoted Bush source that spoke about "us creating our own reality which history would judiciously study."

These people are doing to facts and Truth what Monsanto does to nature's seeds!


Exactly, zero information! No information on how "safe" this experiment will be. The people and environment are being used as guinea pigs. I don't blame them for not want any part of this.


First, as are many others, I'm generally wary of / opposed to GMOs, and in particular in food crops. In addition to sharing others' skepticism about the inherent belief of engineers that they can always improve on nature (and their frequent lack of understanding of how ecosystems function), there are a number of valid reasons for this, including risks of unintended consequences.

That said, I think it ill-advised to knee-jerk in reaction to the use of these GE'd mosquitoes in the case at hand, for reasons that follow.. I should say that I have considerable experience with Integrated Pest Mgmt for mosquito control, having helped initiate my region's first such program, to minimize (if not eliminate) routine spraying of toxic pesticides. That program has, by the way, cut down the amount of pesticides used here to a small fraction of what was used before our program.

  1. The mosquitoes are GE'd so that they will not reproduce! Their success is by virtue of the fact that they will mate with natural females but will deprive them of viable offspring.

  2. As there is little chance of spreading a GMO into the wild, it seems to me to remove what I think is one of the major problems of GMOs.

  3. The people of that area are going to insist on some form of mosquito control. If the District can't use these GE mosquitoes, they will be forced to use tons of very nasty pesticides, which are not only a human threat but do massive harm to pollinator and other non-target species. Trust me, I've been at the front of that fight and it doesn't usually go well for us no-spray advocates, esp. when disease (like WNV, Zika) are threats. Given this, and the lack of clear threat from the sterile GE mosquitoes, I would say this is clearly a case of lesser harm.


I think you've got the facts kinda "bass-ackward" . The GE mosquitoes were in fact introduced because Zika was creating such a scourge...microcephalic infants being one of the serious consequences when a pregnant woman contracts Zika. In other words, Zika wasn't just "blamed for" the developmental issue, it was proven to be the cause; and these conditions were present well before the GE mosquitoes were released.

There are plenty of other valid reasons to be wary of GMOs, and generally about the influence of commercial interests over government actions; we need not manufacture or spread demonstrably false ones. And in fact, the more that is done, the more it allows us to be marginalized when we bring fact-based concerns.


Without knowing to what the objections are in reference It is impossible to reach a rational opinion, I really do not have objections to GMOs in general except in the ways they have been defended by the courts in reference to those who grow their own seed or refuse to label them in our food production. I will,however, point out that spraying insecticides about has proven to be very bad for the environment. Also developing plants that are designed to resist the effects of insecticides lethal to all life is stupid in the extremist.I am much more concerned about the negative affects of pesticides, which may take years to be realized than a swarm of sterile or barren mosquitoes.


All the ignorant anti-GMO and the "NO NUkes" crowd are out in force. I would wager that not one of these people has a clear understanding about what is being proposed. This program will suppress the numbers of the targeted mosquito without affecting any other insects. It will NOT eradicate them, but their populations will crash for an extended period. There are no genes which can escape out into the wild. Perhaps these people would like the region sprayed with pesticide or accept a certain number of cases of Zika and Dengue. As long as it isn't them.


"Edit genes to cause selected species extinction! "
Nothing is going extinct. The population will be suppressed.


race_to-the_bottom, News flash, Fukushima, Japan has beach front homes free of charge. Only accepting paid useful idiots.


The zika virus is most likely the latest scare of viruses to come down the pike of fear in order to secure hundreds of billions of tax dollars for the sake of "saving" us.


Just a side issue, but note that in the US, we really don't know or agree to what "human rights" are. People usually point to the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but note that the US does not agree or comply with those standards. For example, the UDHR states that all people -- even those who can't work, and the jobless poor -- have human rights to basic food and shelter. We disagree, and ended actual welfare aid. US prisons, too, fail on fundamental human rights on a number of points.


Like small pox and polio?


Just a thought, Argentine doctors (physicians in the crop-sprayed towns),believe potential cause most likely of the birth defect is not the Zika virus, but larvicide Pyriproxyfen introduced into the drinking water in mosquito affected areas of Brasil.The malformations in the mosquito produced by the larvicide, and the malformations in the children from pregnant women in those affected areas where the larvicide was added to drinking water is not a coincidence (gm watch.org, 2/10/2016 ).



Zika is a ruse like someone here said. Zika ahh the next great pandemic just like the phony swine flu epidemic. This is the same old eugenics crowd doing their dirty work, experimenting, testing to find out what sticks and see once again what sickness and destruction might come from these skeetos so they can profit at every point along the way down and back up.

Another crisis drill in a long line of them yet to come with the end goal of eventual elimination–Genocide of three quarters of Americans. Near the end they won't be very concerned with using deception as they are now with Zika, a relatively harmless virus.

My question is what will I, we, us do about? Can we?

Okay, I'm ready for the nutjob cuckoo replies. It's okay I understand…

This article was quite spooky but hey if you're in the market for a little Zika virus and have a few dollars in your jeans then this your place. I wonder if they take Pay-Pal?? Hmm