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Florida Officials Are Trying to Sabotage the Will of the People with a Modern Day Jim Crow Law

Florida Officials Are Trying to Sabotage the Will of the People with a Modern Day Jim Crow Law

Jesse Jackson, David Daley

In November, 64 percent of Floridians—more than five million Democrats, Republicans, and independents—stood together and ended the unfair, antidemocratic practice of felon disenfranchisement. They restored the voting rights of more than 1.4 million neighbors who’d served their time and earned back every privilege of citizenship.

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Reading this article in tandem with Supreme Court Draws, Quarters The Eighth Amendment, is like picking up and trying to set bookends on shelf that is being robbed of legitimate content.
When I step back (increasingly frequently) and look at the evolving profile, the tragic intensification of legacy failings in conceptual clarity, the fear and backlash those generate, the only evolution is in intensity of violence and violation of societal well being. That in turn generates vicious rationalizations for industrial abuses - claimed as “necessity”, which in turn activate similarly vicious institutional stasis. Dead. Dead on arrival rather than through the lens of a Living Constitution and a land where all are created equal.

That last bit - all created equal - resonates with our better angels for a reason. Those angels do not succumb to the fear-generating tropes of a failed theory about economics, nor do they ritualize that theory as cult and denigrate spiritual life by contaminating and conflating it with the detritus of scoundrel rationalization. Nor do our better angels weaponize the resulting problems and demand material obeisance in order to raise one’s eyes to converse, debate and govern as equals.


For as nuanced and complex the question of voters’ rights may seem at first, it really boils down to a simple issue: the FEAR of voters’ wills of those people who, along with many ancestors, were deprived of their Voice — their Vote — for most of their lives.

Those who benefitted for decades from whole parts of the population being denied their voices, in no way are willing to see those voices returned, and the “balance of power” shifted away from their biased control. They are ready to do practically anything to maintain their electoral majority, even if it means violating the Constitution of the state or of the country.

Their intent is … is control, even it it is by illegal and evil means. They wish to punish people for cries, and then … punish them once again … because the believe they CAN.

• Democracy & justice is for us ALL, not just a select few.

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