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Florida’s Education System—the one Betsy DeVos Cites as a Model—Is in Chaos


Florida’s Education System—the one Betsy DeVos Cites as a Model—Is in Chaos

Valerie Strauss

The K-12 education system in Florida — the one that Education Secretary Betsy DeVos likes to praise as a model for the nation — is in chaos.


Ms. Strauss is 100% correct in this article! I know. I have lived in Florida for over 40 years, and had children and grandchildren in Florida Public Schools. Florida was a fairly progressive state 40 years ago, especially for the South. Not any more, since Republicans have controlled State Government since 1998!


“War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength;” the Model for Nation Education is Chaos. The Big Brother and Sister have spoken.


I question Florida steerage in many ways, but it has some unique challenges.

For instance, the long long coast coupled with the flat flat waterlogged swampy coral rock land. Solutions? Lots of canals and ponds and don’t mention rising oceans. Put nuclear power plants along the coast.Don’t worry, no earthquakes, just flooding.

Florida is a tourist state, so tourism will always win out over any other expenditures, but I think very soon their budget will all be going to flood control management and relocation.


The 1% understand the concepts of profit in confusion, profit in complexity and profit in chaos and will therefore apply that model with education and any other issue where they can profit at the expense of the 99%.


DeVos has two goals.  The obvious one is to enable her cronies to get rich from vouchers paid for by the public.  The insidious one is to completely wipe out public schools, so that the next generation is forced to either forego education entirely, or be subjected to brainwashing by Funny-Dementalist “Christian” schools
— which is even worse for democracy than no education at all.