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Florida’s Senate Race: Does It Matter?


Florida’s Senate Race: Does It Matter?

Renee Parsons

In recognition that the two party system is little more than an innocuous venue for the election of empty vessels on both sides of the political spectrum, the 2018 Senate race in Florida is one such prime example.


Yes it matters. Controlling the Senate is vitally important to vet judicial and executive branch appointments. The author of this article is focused on Israel and foreign policy, but judges sit for life. I count this article as a excuse for apathy in the face of hard right control of government. Wait until the SCOTUS finishes out this court session and we’ll see how much apathy is warranted (hint: it’s a loser’s bet).


Spot on comments KC! It matters. A lot.

I am a Florida voter. I will vote for Bill Nelson. The author suggests that, on Foreign Policy, there isn’t much difference. Maybe she’s right. But on domestic issues, economic issues, environmental issues, and basic honesty issues: I will vote for Nelson.

As you so correctly point out, control of the Senate is a big deal!


I’m in California. Feinstein isn’t my bag, I’ll tell you that. That said, I want her running Judiciary, not Hatch. Trump is nominating and Republicans are seating some of the most rightwing judges in my lifetime. These arguments for apathy—and that’s what they are—are so antithetical to progressivism, I honestly think some progressives would rather watch the country burn than coalition govern.


It certainly seems that way. When the chips are down, you have to play the best hand you’ve got, not kick the table over.


Couldn’t have said it better.


Sorry my friend but our Republic is dead and has been dead for some time. The fascists put who they want in positions of power and voting has nothing to do with it. It is a kabuki theater to placate the sheep.


You claim it matters then you proudly announce your intention to vote for Bill Nelson for God sakes. Bill Nelson. Give me a freaking break. He is such a total corporate tool. You argue voting still matters and then claim Bill Nelson is your man…I am sorry but I am simply choking on that one. We are doomed.


No when the game is rigged, tipping the table over is exactly what you should do. How do you not know that?


Progressive message: “give up.” Got it.


Rhetorical “bomb-throwers” can never get enough support to accomplish much that is worthwhile. Put your frustration to work for something positive. Everyone can make a
difference. Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water.


Hatch is retiring, hence Romney is running in the Rep primary for his seat.


Forgot about that. Either way, I don’t want a Republican chairing Judiciary. Come to think of it, imagine Bernie chairing Budgets and Wyden Intelligence. That’s reality if Democrats take the Senate. Isn’t that good?


The Dems have to start running progressives in the primaries, Sanders has said that on numerous occasions. The Dems more than likely will not gain control of the Senate and might not even win the gazillion seats in the House that a lot of people think they will. Their messaging is non-existent (with the exception of “Trump bad”) so why should people go to the polls to vote for someone that stands for ???

Edit to add: we’ve had this discussion before.


I keep hearing this, but Democrats are running all over the country in various locales and I bet most have messages/platforms. What you (or I) think they need to do, may be different than what they think they need to do. And, I find this critique a little wanting in the sense they don’t have an entire spectrum of radio and a news channel devoted entirely to their messaging. If special elections are meaningful, they seem to be doing okay.


Realistically, they will take the house pretty easily. The Senate is a completely different matter. The Dems have 26 seats (that includes Sanders & King) seats to defend, the Republicans have 9. Do the math. I’m just to the right of Karl Marx, but I am pragmatic. I don’t think you can argue that we definitely need more Senators like Sanders, S Brown, K Harris, and less like Manchin, Nelson or Kaine.


I hope you are right about the House. As you say, Senate is going to be tough. And I agree we need more progressives in it, obviously. But we need to take it first and control the floor. Letting McConnell have it for another two years is a devastating thought. I just don’t like progressive “loser” arguments that I see all the time, pretending institutions, like the Senate, don’t make a difference when they do. We are going to be feeling Trump’s judiciary appointments for a long time to come.


Snake-in-the-grass Schumer will see to it that the Dems go up in smoke no matter who has control. Nelson has already proven to be a DINO and Scott is a crook. They are all in cahoots and voters are not in control of anything.


So how much was accomplished when the Dems had control of both houses? It does not matter. I worked on the Obama campaign and will never again devote so much time and energy to a politician. He was put in place by the powers that be and not allowed to keep any of the “hope and change” promises he made. Never again will I believe any Democrat or Republican - they are all greedy liars.


NO - it does not matter.