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Florida State Workers Banned From Using Term 'Climate Change'


Florida State Workers Banned From Using Term 'Climate Change'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Florida's Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) employees have for years been banned from using terms like "climate change," "sustainability," and "global warming," according to a new report published Monday by the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting.


Bugs, please give me time to pack!


Perhaps FEMA will tell the Florida politicians the next time they need a bail-out (what a handy pun) that, since climate change don’t exist, they’re just dammed unlucky, and all their budget allows is a fence along the northern state line. I could see though, an effort to put the snow bird on the endangered species list and the allocation of massive funds to protect the fragile condo habitat.


They must think that if the words “Climate Change” are never mentioned, then it will simply go away.


Actually, what will happen no matter what they do or say is that the southern part of the State will go under the waves anyway. Miami is doomed as it is presently situated. In the 22nd century Miami will be visited by glass bottom boats and will be a tourist destination for wreck divers.


Rick Scott, captain of his submerging state the good ship Florida. Shhhh…don’t tell anyone. He’ll abandon his duty as quick at that Italian cruise ship captain.


Don’t feel badly Florida, it’s the same way here in PA when it comes to the DEP dealing with the frackers. They are not permitted to say that the water is contaminated, even if it is. I had one of those perilous conversations with a Dep representative a couple of years ago here in western PA. He said “of course we both know that the water coming out of those wells is contaminated and radioactive. I just can’t say it.”
American the beautiful.


Right you are, politicscorner.
Florida should secede as soon as possible,
Before becoming governor, Scott was head of health insurer that was accused of perpetrating the largest
Medicare fraud in history. Bravo sir.


This would seem to go along with recent reports of Florida State letting the Koch brothers have final say over who gets tenure at the University. Without correct political views, no tenure. The Koch brothers have given endowments to the school, so I guess they want something for their money.


Will they be allowed to say it when the water reaches their chins, just before it gushes into their mouths? Does climate change exist if no one is left alive to experience it?


Free speech is remarkably difficult to censor. Perhaps we need cultural workers to come up with innocent sounding synonyms like “eggplant” or “Jeb Bush” for words that Florida DEM employees can’t say.


Maybe we should give the workers new terms and talking points to use. It isn’t flooding but prolonged surf surge. It isn’t climate change but a shift in the polar vortex. It isn’t a drought but a sustained sunny period followed by less water.


“Climate change” is now on the official list of Florida’s banned words, along with communist and liberal.


So, How many people here have been reading things like Tim Garret’s study that shows that human civilization is a heat engine? …or listen to what Guy McPherson is saying… there is an interesting video in which he and Paul Ehrlich are discussing climate change and Ehrlich tells a story about talking with another climate scientist. (Forgot who that was) … Ehrlich mentions that humans have about a 10 percent chance to avert a collapse of civilization and the other scientist says, he’s crazy … no way, It’s a 1 percent chance… and the punch line is… it will happen in like a couple of decades… the thing is… the ride to that point, won’t be fun either…


Among the most pernicious ideological “viruses” (meme complexes) that have infected society from the 20th century are:

Public Relations; and
Human Resources Management.

Here we see some for the full-bloom flowering of these bad seeds: The PR people determine which thoughts are acceptable to express (or hold); The HR people carry out the necessary ideological grunt work (not phrased as threats of course, but as “appropriate workplace behavior” or “acceptable employee demeanor” or some such) to enforce adherence to the ideology among the “human resources” who are “employed” by the organization.

All claiming to be strictly non-ideological, with a mighty edifice erected in the social consciousness to defend and prevent any awareness of the powerful IDEOLOGIES of hierarchy, authoritarianism, privatization, corporatism, and capitalism from ever being thought or spoken of in relation to the functional carrying-out of these PR and HR functions.

And all within a society that claims to uphold “human liberty” as among its highest ideals.

PR, HR (and their third evil sibling, Marketing) need to be recognized for what they are; relentlessly defended against internally, by consciously refuting and refusing the incursion of their ideology into our consciousness; and publicly denounced as the pernicious ideological viruses that they are, in contrast to truly humanistic ideologies that uphold actual human liberty, in the context of genuine relationships of respect and mutuality.


It’s already happened. For years, the streets in Miami are flooded several times a year and the answer given by government is that it is an aging water main.

Except that it is salt water!

The Ocean is experiencing greater Surge Levels when Low Atmospheric pressure moves into the area, and that causes seawater to back up through the storm drains and surface on the streets.

When I lived in florida eight years ago, my fixed boat dock bolted to the canal kept going underwater repeatedly. Neighbors who had lived there all their lives said they never saw that happen before. Then, the government started replacing all the bridge clearance scales for boats since they were always underwater and unreadable.

Jeb Bush was governor and KNEW the ocean was rising. But since his family is neck deep in Oil profits, he denies Global Warming. At the very same time, he forced separate flood insurance on everybody in the state, buying policies from One Company: Citizen’s Insurance, without informing the homeowner and instead just sending us the bill for thousands of dollars a month. Penalty for not paying was a lien!




I know you know all this; but some other corporate slave may not.

There are no human rights when you are “hired” by the Fortune 500. You check all your rights at the metal detector Goon-squad Station when you report for work. My company even groped us at the front door and put cameras in the bathroom stalls to “Monitor for Damage” the sign said. Not even your body is yours anymore, since the Corporation will decide on it’s own which drugs and alcohol, even on so-called days off at home, are permitted to be used via it’s intrusive drug testing, which can detect parts per million of mouthwash as alcohol abuse or twenty-dollar-bill-residue as evidence of cocaine use. All twenty-dollar-bills in the US have cocaine residue on them, so you constantly live under the threat of a false-positive test result if you handle $20 bills.

Then, if you eat poppyseed rolls by accident, you will be flagged on a false positive for Heroin use. If some derelict sprinkles reefer in your salad as a joke, you will be fired when the urine test shows that drug in your system. To keep your crappy Wall Street job, you are at the mercy of everyone who prepares your food, all the time.

Then, if you report safety problems, you are in violation of corporate policy if you took any pictures or provided any document to the government or media. Your email is their personal property and anything they don’t like is grounds for firing you without explanation in so-called “Right to Work States”.

Most of the big ones hire corporate intelligence companies like Stratfor to constantly spy on their employees in their homes. There’s no such thing as private court records or purchasing privacy anymore. Companies also prohibit the use of the company name to anyone anywhere without authorization, if you can believe that crap. Your private email at home can be a breach of this policy. Technically, if someone asks who you work for, or if the corporation is moving, you can’t tell them.

Translation: You are a Slave with no rights if you work for Wall Street Corporations.

You can only change some of this nightmare if you can convince your co-workers that the Anti-Union propaganda blared everywhere all the time is false, and sending cards to the NMB is in their best interests.

Brave New World of Super-Surveillance. That’s what it’s become. I’m sure we’ll all have personal drones shadowing us any day now. The KGB in the former USSR had nothing on the collect-it-all Wall Street USSA!


Florida where the constitution has no first amendment. And only a second amendment. The ocean can’t rise fast enough for me.


So true. A personal experience. I regret to say that I was involved in the ongoing gas boom here in the Upper Ohio Valley. A land surveyor, I was involved in verifying property boundaries and evidence of possession. Working alone, on foot, in territory that was both friendly and hostile (to the gas industry) I had to get the individual permission of the property owners to go on their property to do my work, a policy that I fully supported and adhered to, because I considered myself a neighbor and member of the larger community. As time progressed and resistance started to organize we (myself and others involved in the same task) were instructed by the gas developers through our immediate employer not to “talk” to the landowners we were asking for their generous permission to enter their land. Not to discuss ANYTHING beyond a scripted request for permission. I am a licensed professional of over 30 years experience, and I highly resented this attempt to limit my freedom of speech. And, that policy was self-defeating. I am a personable and engaging person, and I genuinely like people, traits that gained me access to properties where others failed because they were perceived by the locals as merely obedient drones. One afternoon I happened to discuss dollar amounts that were offered to my family on our property several counties away with a young couple. By the time I arrived back at my office 100 miles away that evening the corporate execs at the gas company called my employer demanding that I be disciplined for discussing gas leases with potential lessees. Also, on the pretense that we should look “professional” we were made to wear uniforms that made us look like the guys from Stanley Steamer or Jiffy Lube. This was also ridiculous, because I always dressed professionally and appropriately for the outdoor work I was involved with. Most people I told “I am a land surveyor” would say “Well, of course you are, that’s obvious.” I continued to do my job very well, which included interacting genuinely and honestly with property owners wherever I was sent. More rumblings from above until one day my boss, a friend of 20 years, told me to my face that if I was unwilling or unable to adhere to the wishes of his masters that I had no business being there. 3 months later I left finally and forever. There are many things I could tell here, name names, and the like, but I don’t for the reasons you mentioned above.


A way that we can do something is to realize the devastating implications of capitalism and the parallel abuse of the finite sources of life on earth. Population control is the dark horse that rides with a flag of reason. This while billions of egos stoke the bonfire and party on.