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Florida: The Graveyard of American Public Education


Florida: The Graveyard of American Public Education

Diane Ravitch

Florida has the worst education policies of any state in the nation, and it is about to get even more destructive, more ignorant, more backward.

Read this alarming article and remember that Betsy DeVos points to Florida as a model.

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kakistocracy: noun [def] see Florida

Having lived in Florida for twenty-four years and taught in the state’s “premier” university I can attest that Dr. Ravitch’s analysis is correct. The education (training) system in Florida is abysmal. This is, of course, part of a national trend, but Florida does excel in regression, as it were. I was driven in large part to early retirement by frustration with our educational system. Looking for opportunities elsewhere in the nation revealed the same devolutionary path. I am grateful to Voltaire, Twain, Carlin and oh so many others to remind me that much of this is just the way things have always been and are always expected to be. As the Late Great George was wont to say: “When you’re born into this world you are given a ticket to the freak show. When you are born in America, you get a front row seat.” Thanks for the perspective George. As for the leading-a-horse-to-water narrative, this horse is always thirsty and grateful there is still knowledge available despite the right’s assault on it. For now, the internet can claim the words on Guthrie’s guitar–“This machine kills fascism”. Of course there are parts that work in a completely opposite manner. There is, after all, really nothing new under the sun.



All they need is one solidly ignorant generation and Fascism will win.



1980s Raygunomics pushed the baby boom generation close to being that “ignorant generation”. Ever more clever propaganda during the subsequent decades appears to have solidified that.

It would be bad enough if we were just dealing with ignorance. Decades of boomers absorbing brainwashing propaganda makes the challenge far greater.

Fortunately boomers will no longer be the largest voting block in 2020.

Note that I was born in the middle of the baby boom era so my comments are based on decades observing from my front seat at the freak show.



Well, with climate change Florida will be way underwater. If Trump is still here, then Mar-A-Largo will be saved—but you’ll have to take a canoe to get there. I’m sure for many politicians, Florida will just become another Puerto Rico. And the children growing up with limited knowledge of —everything-----a future life that is lower than the lowest serf-----but Eric Prince will have lots of canon fodder serfs , won’t he Betsy. : (



GREAT Post, Mr. 'Owl — but, since Florida is rapidly becoming a Shit-hole state, shouldn’t that first word be “CACA-stocracy”?



With only about half of eligible voters turning out, they don’t even need half a generation of solid ignoramusae — only about a third if they can get them all to the polls (or even fewer with enough gerrymandering and/or rigged machines).   They already have far more than they need . . .

If you think it’s bad now, just wait until what little is left of our public education system is replaced with DeVos’ funny-dementalist “christian” charter schools:  Brainwashing on Steroids - at OUR expense!!



I often state here for people that can (it’s on from 6am CST to 9am CST 7 days a week) watch it to turn on C Span’s Washington Journal and listen to some of these “citizens” call in with their comments. You will see (and hear) how our once great education system has fallen into the shitter. It would be really funny if it weren’t so fucking sad listening to these “rubes”.



I think the “proper” description would be Confeder-ocracy. I keep on having to remind people of exactly WHO won the Civil war. We could cut these shit-kicking states out of the “Union” and wouldn’t even notice, and be much better off for it.



Hell, a good argument can be made that we did it with the last Presidential election of 2016.



True that. And as someone else pointed out here (forget who) it really only take 30% since most people don’t vote. We we already have that 30% of racist sycophant morons.

Ya know, before, I was only depressed.



Wow. I mean wow. I’m a graduate of Ft. Lauderdale High. I havent lived there since I was 18. What I can say from afar is that South Florida and especially the east is a different animal than the rest of Florida. Fort Lauderdale was the home of the ancient movie “Where the Boys Are” about college break. Then in the seventies my former city became the gay capital of the US. Boca Raton has a fair-sized Muslim population. Miami has always been home to a large Jewish population. It now also has Cubans maybe in a majority and is considered the business capital of South America. Hindus and Chinese have also moved to Florida to become countable minorities.

Regarding voting interests outside religion and minority,
1)the state is mostly supported by the tourist industry, and
2) the average age is quite high. I once heard that the average age in Miami was sixty-something.
These two things mean that schools will not get the same attention as in other states.
So, I suspect there are some classic Southerners in north Florida where the capital is who are going to have a struggle with what is becoming mainstream America.



In my many moves with kids to find good public schools, I observed that places focusing on tourism generally did not have impressive school systems. What Florida is trying to do has to do with a state not at all focused on children.

Looming behind all this is climate change and Florida’s denial of it. Ha! Will this be in their new and refined school curriculum? Water is in the porous rock close to the sandy surface of Florida’s land. Florida is very flat and nearly at sea level everywhere. Additionally, most maps don’t reveal this, but a good portion of the “land” in the state’s outline is already underwater–canals between streets, the Everglades, marshland, swamp.



So maybe the headline for this article should have been,
    “Florida:  The Davy Jones Locker of American Public Education.”



Remember , the Government of the USA whole heartedly embraces the concept of private property and the “ownership society”. Under such a system EVERYTHING is deemed owned by persons with enough money and this includes other peoples children and their futures.

They are making investments via this indoctrination that will pay off years down the road with a docile workforce that does as they were instructed.

It was once illegal to teach slaves to read and write. They are returning to that day in an attempt to “Make America great again”



It does appear that a docile workforce is desired. I remember when Obama promoted more science and math and reading, but didn’t say a peep about geography and social sciences.

But the US is so so so far behind most of the world in math and reading and science, that with even less attention to school, and with automation moving as fast as it is, there may be be little that this low-achieving population is qualified to do.
Oh! Maybe put out the forest fires and mop up the flooding water.

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Giving vouchers to people making over 100000 is ridiculous and downright scary. Hey, didn’t Florida want to secede decades ago? Perhaps that is what is necessary.



Instead of focusing on tourists, they should focus on their own populations- but it seems like they are not capable of that- they do not even care about their own sea creatures including the beautiful manatee. The South in general did not want a public school system period- only one that catered privately to the very wealthy- hence a plantation type mentality only it included all races.



Hey, I suggested that once to a rethug office from the South. The “aid” was “insulted” and pretended to cry. The South gets most of the federal benefits.



I have an idea- how about if we make it mandatory to not live past 75? I am sure I’ll get a lot of comments about that!