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Florida: The Graveyard of American Public Education


Before charter schools, taxation on real estate provided the main source of school funding across the US. More expensive neighborhoods generally then would have the better schools. Federal funding kicked in to provide only minimum support for all schools. Private and parochial schools were not generally better, but served special interests of religion or race divide.
In traveling with my kids through the North, South and Midwest, 1988-2006 I found more similarities than differences. More and more creative means were being used to deal with public desire for race and religion separation.
In St. Louis 25 years ago our boys enjoyed outstanding schools in the public system used to satisfy the federal mandate by voluntary bussed integration.
I guess I’m saying that integration was used to educate people to integrate peacefully. It was somewhat successful, but right now a backlash is occurring and it isn’t pretty. The integration issue is being used now to simply make a few people rich and a lot of people devastated, like some other turns of events.

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FL will be mostly under water soon. This one will take care of itself in time



Many federal mandates including Sped remain unfunded.